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We believe values are really important.
As individuals, you’ll have your own set of values. Your top values will no doubt differ from your child’s, and that’s okay, but this is what will cause differences when making decisions.
Our values are embedded into the way we present ourselves to the world. They are a fundamental part of our identity. Most people will say they have values but will not have reflected enough to understand what they truly are. It’s worth taking time out to find your values.
Schools, businesses, and charities will often be seen talking about their values on their websites. It’s important to take note, because if an organisation is truly embedding these into their day-to-day, you’ll see them come into play.
At UK Virtual School, we’ve taken months to identity the 4 fundamental values that are the most important to us.
We work with home educating families,
new homeschoolers from the COVID pandemic,
long term home educators,
expat families,
families who travel,
children who have young talents like acting and modelling and need schooling to work around their commitments.
Anyone looking for an alternative, new, modern-age way of schooling, will find a home at UKVS.
Our core values needed to truly reflect the foundations on which UKVS was built.
We worked hard and narrowed them down to these 4 fundamental values and as we work with children, we thought having them visually represented with help our students to relate to them.
We’d like to introduce the UKVS Values:

We encourage curiosity.

Children by nature are curious. This is how they learn. As parents and educators, it is our role to facilitate the curiosity to ensure they don’t lose that innate scientific enquiry mind.
We encourage questions. We encourage curiosity. No question is a silly question because every question quenches our thirst and desire to know and understand and make sense of the world we find ourselves in.

We can make mistakes and grow from that process.

Growth Mindset is the mindset of someone who doesn’t limit themselves. We’re ready for a challenge and ready to accept that we don’t have all the answers but we can find them. We can learn. We can make mistakes and grow from that process. It’s the mindset that gives permission to students to go for an answer and not be fearful of getting it wrong. The process is important. The journey and participation in a challenge is applauded.

We’re all different, yet we’re all human.

Humans are a diverse bunch. We’ve created labels for colour, ethnicity, race, and our identities. All these descriptions paint a beautiful picture of who we are as individuals.
We’re all different, yet we’re all human. Everyone has a unique perspective to bring to our community. We work with you to support you and your children in the best way possible, as individuals.

Innovation teaches us new best practices.

The skill to innovate and invent is a skill that will set students up to achieve great success in the future. Technology and entrepreneurship require innovative thinking to constantly involve and offer the best in their markets.
As a parent, what are your core values?


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