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The UKVS Collection

Our ever-growing branded notebooks, journals and storybooks, adds that little UKVS spark to your journey with us. Browse through and see if there is anything that takes your fancy!


This journal is designed for our students

  • 200+ full colour dated journal
  • 2 page monthly spreads
  • 2 page weekly spreads.
  • Includes fun activities, and learning resources
  • Larger than A5 size at 8″ by 10″

“The more we learn, the more we grow. The more we grow, the more we know!”

This storybook is a celebration of our 4 core values characters; Growth Mindset, Curiosity, Diversity & Inclusion and Innovation. This book demonstrates just how we instill these values in our everyday lives.

    Primary Resources

    Reading Book Collection for the Academic Year 2023-2024

    Yr 3

    Yr 3

    Yr 4

    Yr 5

    Yr 6

    Art Resources

    To add to your Art cupboard Term 1

    Secondary Resources

    Yr 7 Resources

    These textbooks will cover our entire Yr 7 year

    Science Textbook

    Science Workbook

    Maths Textbook

    Scientific Calculator

    Maths Notebook

    iGCSE Science Textbooks and Lab Books

    We follow the iGCSE Edexcel curriculum for Physics, Biology and Chemistry from Yr 9 to Yr 11

    iGCSE Edexcel
    Physics Textbook

    iGCSE Edexcel
    Physics Lab book

    iGCSE Edexcel
    Biology Textbook

    iGCSE Edexcel
    Biology Lab book

    iGCSE Edexcel
    Chemistry Textbook

    iGCSE Edexcel
    Chemistry Lab book

    iGCSE English Spec A Textbooks and Reading Books

    We follow the iGCSE Edexcel curriculum for English Language and Literature

    Purchase in Yr 9
    English Language Textbook

    Download iGCSE Language and Literature Anthology

    Yr 10/11 iGCSE English
    Literature Text

    Yr 10/11 iGCSE English
    Literature Text

    Yr 10/11 iGCSE English
    Literature Text

    GCSE Maths, iGCSE Geography, iGCSE History iGCSE Computer Science

    GCSE Edexcel
    Maths Textbook


    iGCSE Edexcel
    Geography Textbook

    iGCSE Edexcel
    History 1 Textbook

    iGCSE Edexcel
    History 2 Textbook

    iGCSE Edexcel
    Computer Science