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Vision Be Different


We want to be different. We want the students to feel they can also be different and unique and this is something to be celebrated about. We embrace differences and diversity as part of our norm.

Vision Love Learning


We don’t mark homework, but instead we choose to instill a growth mindset amongst our students. We want our students to develop a love for learning and not feel like they’re doing it because it’s expected of them.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a solution for home educating families that allows the freedom of choice around their child’s education; one that fits around their child’s lifestyle and learning needs. Our school is built around children and families in mind.

Vision Create Balance (1)


We don’t try to adopt the traditional school structure – we create our own! We run for three weeks at a time, starting with the first Monday of the month, with at least one week of holiday each month. This reduces zoom fatigue and gives our students and teachers a breather at the end of each month and also amazing flexibility to go on holiday.

And it works! It’s efficient and is centred around families. We’re able to bridge that gap between home education and online learning.

Vision Allow Flexibility


We don’t tie parents in for the full year if they don’t want to. You can enroll from as little as a month’s commitment at a time. We know you will love us and want to stay longer!

Vision Building Relationships


We don’t have huge classroom numbers – we have a maximum of 10 students per class. Our virtual classrooms are large enough to simulate a classroom-like feel, yet small enough to make sure individual support is accommodated.

What makes us Unique?

Listen to these 3 podcasts where our founder, Syd, discusses the thought and process that has gone into creating UK Virtual School. Eveything we do has a story behind it. UK Virtual School is creating the foundation and standard for future online schools to follow #SchoolThatDoesThingsDifferently

UKVS Podcast Episode #1 What does space smell like? - UK Virtual School
#1 Syd discusses her journey through education and what she realised as she grew up and how this affected her perception of education and learning. This episode gives an insight of what drives our founder, Syd.
UKVS Podcast Episode #2 An Education Revolution - UK Virtual School
#2 There are certain aspects of UK Virtual School that are unique and different. Syd explores what these are in-depth and the reasoning behind each aspect.
UKVS Podcast Episode #3 Our Core Values UK Virtual School
#3 Our core values are a fundamental aspect of who we are as a collective community. Find out more about each of them, why we chose them and how we use them to help us re-focus.