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Welcome to

UK Virtual School

We’re not just any online school – We dare to be different!
We offer a flexible online British Education adapted for the modern world,
catering for Year 1 to iGCSEs for Home Educating families, Expats,

and World Schoolers.

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Our Core Values

Embedded in everything we do


The World is our Classroom

Growth Mindset

Ready to be Challenged

Diversity & Inclusion

Global & SEN friendly


Thinking Outside the Box

Ready to Homeschool?

Have you ever looked at the education system and felt it’s slightly outdated?
Instead of providing what’s best for the kids, don’t you feel the schooling currently is more for the benefit of society than the actual child?
There could be a number of reasons you choose to Homeschool (aka “Home Educate” in the UK) or Worldschool. Whatever your reasons, the thought of it can be daunting and overwhelming. What if you had the support and network around you to make it possible?

FREE 101 Guide to Homeschooling

Why not start with this FREE guide to learning at home, where Syd has narrowed down conversations with thousands of families into a top 5 tips list on how to make your journey as fulfilling and smooth as possible. Either listen to the podcast or download the FREE download.

Our School

For ages 5 to 16 year olds


KS1 & KS2: Yr 1 -6

Ages 5 – 11 years old

Maths or English for £130pm*
for interactive classes

*For a total of 9 interactive small group sessions a month, with videos included + all enrolment extras on a pay monthly option
Learn more about Primary Courses
  • English and Maths classes x 3 a week per subject
  • Max 10 students per class
  • Interactive classes with videos on!
  • One-way stream (videos) available as a separate option but included as part of interactive classes
  • Core subjects: English, Maths & Science
  • UKVS Subjects include: Art, Worldviews
  • Short Courses: Languages, Positive Psychology, Creative Writing, Timetravel, Space Explorers, Public Speaking and much more!
  • Enrolment also includes: assemblies, coaching tutorials, youth council, parent meetings, and so much more


KS3: Yr 7

Maths & English for £208pm*

for interactive classes

*For a total of 18 sessions a month, including 9 English and 9 Maths interactive classes, with videos included + all enrolment extras, when on a full year contract (Paid annually)
Learn more about KS3 Courses
  • Only offer Year 7 at KS3 Level
  • Our Year 8 & 9 is merged into “Year 9” and they start on their first year of GCSE – See the GCSE section
  • Max 10 students per class
  • Interactive & one-way stream options
  • Core subjects: Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry & Physics
  • Other Subjects: Latin, Computer Science, History, Geography
  • UKVS Subjects include: Art, Worldviews
  • Short Courses: Languages, Positive Psychology, Creative Writing, Timetravel, Space Explorers, Public Speaking and much more!
  • Enrolment also includes: assemblies, coaching tutorials, youth council, parent meetings, and so much more

GCSE Courses

Yr 9, Yr 10 & Yr 11

English, Maths, Biology, Physics & Chemistry £316pm*

*For a total of 27 sessions a month, including 9 English, 9 Maths, 3 Physics, 3 Biology & 3 Chemistry for Year 9 interactive classes, with videos included + all enrolment extras when on a full year contract (paid annually). Please note Science classes are doubled in Year 10/11
Learn more about GCSE Courses
  • Year 9’s & 10’s are on the 1st & 2nd years of a 3 year GCSE course
  • Some courses available as 2 year GCSE courses
  • Mix and Match 2 and 3 Year GCSE courses
  • 3-Year GCSE Subjects: English Lang, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Latin, Computer Science, Geography, History
  • 2-Year GCSE Subjects: Astronomy, English Literature, Computer Science, History, Geography
  • Interactive & one-ways stream options
  • Non-GCSE subject options include: Art, Worldviews
  • Short Courses: Languages, Positive Psychology, Creative Writing, Timetravel, Space Explorers, Public Speaking and much more!
  • Enrolment also includes: assemblies, coaching tutorials, youth council, parent meetings, and so much more


    ABCC Diversity
    ABCC StartUp
    Precious 2021 Finalist
    Service Excellence Winner

    What Parents & Students Think…

    UKVS Podcast Episode #9 UK Virtual School Storybook - Space for Everyone

    UKVS Podcast Episode 5 My Pandemic Homeschool Story - Why I Chose UK Virtual School

    UKVS Podcast Episode #4 Why Home Educate? UK Virtual School

    Our Offering

    All things Home Education under one roof – We got you covered

    Interactive Classes

    Maximum 10 students per class

    Live sessions, cameras on!

    Short Courses

    3 Month live interactive Courses – Rotate around
    different courses throughout the year

    Don’t need to be enrolled at UKVS
    (sign up online)

    1-1 Tutoring

    Tailored 1:1 Tutoring from specialist teachers

    Written report every lesson

    In addition to group classes
    or as an alternative

    Oneway Videos

    Drip fed video content aligned to our classes

    Receive the benefits of an enrolled student

    Video Bundles

    Instant access to full course recordings

    Brilliant for self-paced learning

    One-off payment. No registration Fees. 

    We also offer….

    Taster Weeks

    Induction Session to kick-start the week
    Experience a week at UKVS with a variety of subjects
    Feedback session + timetable creation 




    Residential Trips

    End of year residential trips, graduation parties
    international trips abroad

    Meet all your virtual friends and colleagues
    Take part in awesome projects

    NEW from Sept 2024

    We’re constantly evolving!

    Game of Life - Our "Year 8"

    A year long life skills accredited course
    Learn about the challenges of
    being an adult


    Hybrid Course

    Flipped learning: 3 videos followed by
    one live interactive class

    Package: English, Maths and Science

    Plus all enrolment features &
    end of year report

    English & Maths Pre-GCSE

    Bridge the gap between Year 7 & GCSEs
    Real life English and Maths skills

    Coming soon....

    Planned for the next 12-18monthswatch this space!

    Career Festival

    A community of Home Ed Parents sharing industry knowledge to support each others’ children into a variety of careers


    Resource Membership

    Access to high quality resources + a monthly plan DIY home ed solution for offscreen fun! 


    Work from Home Biz HUb

    Support & solutions for families wanting flexibility to work from home

    UKVS Events

    Learn to Love Learning Again…

    but it’s not all about academics. At UKVS, we know how to have fun – even if we are all online scattered across the globe

    Who we are

    Listen to our founder to learn about why UKVS exists 

    UKVS Podcast Episode #1 What does space smell like? - UK Virtual School

    Syd's Experience with Education

    Behind every BIG project lies an experience that becomes a motivator for change. Learn about our founder, Syd, and her experience with th education system that got her questioning the status quo.

    UKVS Podcast Episode #2 An Education Revolution - UK Virtual School

    What makes UKVS different?

    We don’t attempt to replicate traditionally schooling online.
    Instead we have created something unique.
    Something very overdue and needed.
    A refreshingly new approach to schooling

    UKVS Podcast Episode #3 Our Core Values UK Virtual School

    What drives us?

    Another online school? Except, we’re not.
    We think differently

    We’re designed specifically with home educators in mind with 4 core values at the heart of all we do

    Read our blog

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      As 2023 reaches an end, I think it's the perfect time for us to pause and reflect on everything this year. Sometimes it's easy to focus on all the negativity happening around us - right now in the world, not every child or family is spending these last few...

    Online Schooling’s Disruptive Impact on Education

      Online schooling is transforming how we learn due to new technologies and the need for diverse education methods. It offers personalised, flexible, and innovative approaches, challenging traditional school systems. To better understand this impact, let's...

    A School that Breaks for Winter

      UK Virtual School has an unusual term structure in that we run from the first Monday of every month for 3 weeks only, with the 4th and 5th weeks (where applicable) as holidays. We take December completely off and also August, leaving a total of 10 months of...

    The Festival of Lights

      What is Hanukkah? Hanukkah, also known as Chanukah, is a festival of lights celebrated by Jewish communities around the world. Hanukkah goes all the way back to the 2nd century BCE when the Jewish people, led by the Maccabees, revolted against the Seleucid...

    Techniques to Promote Curiosity

      Introduction The spark of “Curiosity” ignites the flame of knowledge. Techniques that stimulate curiosity in students can significantly enhance academic performance and make the learning process more enjoyable. This blog will illuminate some of these techniques...

    UK Virtual School Spotlight: A Masterpiece in the Making, Embracing the Beauty of Randomness!

      Where education transcends the usual, inspiring creativity within every learner! Greetings, UK Virtual School Community! This month, we celebrate a student who has beautifully penned their thoughts into an unforgettable poem. Our star student's creative tribute...

    Embracing Failure: A Key Component in Fostering a Growth Mindset

      Embracing Failure: A Key Component in Fostering a Growth Mindset In today's goal-driven society, failure is often viewed negatively and can be a source of fear or anxiety, particularly in the educational sphere. However, by teaching children that mistakes are...

    Collect them all!

    UKVS Academic Journal 2023-2024

    This journal is designed for our students

    • 200+ full colour dated journal
    • 2 page monthly spreads
    • 2 page weekly spreads.
    • Includes fun activities, and learning resources
    • Larger than A5 size at 8″ by 10″
    UKVS Academic Journal 2023-2024

    “The more we learn, the more we grow. The more we grow, the more we know!”

    This storybook is a celebration of our 4 core values characters; Growth Mindset, Curiosity, Diversity & Inclusion and Innovation. This book demonstrates just how we instill these values in our everyday lives.