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Look around you.


How many colours do you see?


How many different shades of a colour spectrum can you identify?


Just imagine the privilege we have simply for seeing. Do you realise just how hard would it be to lose your sense of sight? Sight is an important sense that we shouldn’t be taking for granted. Others don’t have the privilege of seeing how beautiful the world is. Researchers have concluded that most of us can recognise up to a million shades of colour. This is an especially incredible gift.

UK Virtual School Jamie Knitting Creativity

Jamie enjoys knitting and crafting.

Colours are subject to expression. And the most common way of interpreting various colours is through art. The history of art goes all the way back to ancient times. In 2021, archeologists believe that they have found, in a cave, what is presumably the world’s first ever painting: an illustration of a wild pig believed to have been painted using bare hands. Even other forms of art such as pottery, woodcraft, weaving, and jewellery, amongst many others, have a rich history. This only serves to prove that humans are ever resourceful and crafty! Last February, we talked about how innovation impacts our lives. And creativity, resourcefulness, and craftiness are all manifestations of innovative thinking!

Creativity encourages our children’s ability to create something new. Not only does it make use of their physical skills, it also challenges them to widen their perspective and to use their imagination. This is why art is a great medium of learning. It’s fun, interesting, and actually broadens learning opportunities. And most kids love this kind of interactive learning. Even though we’re an online school, UK Virtual School still provides a platform for students to experience art through various events, activities, and resources. This is especially prevalent in our Art subject.

UK Virtual School Painting Madeline

Madeline really likes painting during her free time!

There are some who are born with innate creativity. And there are prodigies. But creativity is something that can be honed and learned over time. You don’t have to be Van Gogh or Michelangelo to realise that you also have it in you! To be creative is to embrace what makes you unique, to make ideas come to life, and to simply have fun. This is the kind of growth mindset that we continue to foster at UK Virtual School. It’s the kind of thinking that we want our students to embrace – to own their colours and make them come to life.

Just like how every child will have their favourite subject, snack, or shows, your child will most likely have their favourite colour as well. And colours can be interpreted in so many ways. Our own interpretation of various colours may tell you more about your child based on what their favourite is!



Natural risk-takers, children who like this colour are ever nurturing. They’re all about seeking opportunities! They’re not afraid of making mistakes, and they look at failures as opportunities for growth.

UK Virtual School Growth Mindset Personality



Red is the colour of passion. Kids who like this colour will pursue their dreams, no matter the circumstances and challenges. They’re known to be confident and persevering, always ready to overcome anything!

UK Virtual School Diversity Personality


Kids who favour the colour blue are more likely to be free-spirited and carefree. They go with the flow and do not complain when things don’t go their way. They tend to be a bit lax, but that’s only because they don’t let the pressure get to them!

UK Virtual School Inclusion Personality


Adventurous at heart is the best way to describe children who like purple. They’re always keen to try something new. Although they easily get bored sometimes, their enthusiasm is next level!

UK Virtual School Curiosity Purple


Those who like yellow are known for their sunny and jolly personality. Always looking at the bright side of things, expect them to be optimistic and encouraging. They will cheer you up whenever you’re feeling down and will never back down from any negative energy!

UK Virtual School Innovation Personality


Kids who like the colour orange are calm and collected! They may be quiet at times, but it’s their wisdom and decisiveness that make them loud. With their wit, they’re able to make bold choices and analyse problems with ease.

UK Virtual School Jamie Personality


Kind and understanding, children who like this colour are gentle and thoughtful. They’re naturally caring and would go an extra mile to help others. They’re empathetic and get along pretty well with everyone!

UK Virtual School Madeline Personality


Children who like brown are known to be grounded and humble. They know how to blend in the background and shine on their own even if they’re not in the spotlight. They’re naturally courteous and loyal.

UK Virtual School Humility Personality


Did you find these personality traits to be aligned with your child’s favourite colour? Let us know in the comments!

UK Virtual School Creativity Blog 1

Growth Mindset and Curiosity enjoy creativity!

Embracing creativity allows us to be the best version of ourselves. Everybody needs a touch of colour in their lives! As an online school, UK Virtual School’s commitment to a fulfilling learning experience remains clear through our unique holistic approach. Try and enrol in our Art subject! We also highly recommend that you check out our latest coaching tutorial that focuses on Creativity in Art, access the video and resources for free.

Thank you for reading our blog! To show our appreciation, download our printable Mood Cards for free below.



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