UKVS Ultimate Video Bundle – iGCSE Chemistry (A 3-Year iGCSE Course)


No. of Videos: 121 for full content and 3 for taster

Average Length of Videos: 15-20 mins. long

Age Suitability: Year 9-11 (Aged 13-16 years)

Curriculum: National Curriculum for England

Other Resources: Homework sheets

Teacher: Hannah


This course follows the Edexcel iGCSE Chemistry Specification. Join a comprehensive three-year journey through the fascinating realm of chemistry with our iGCSE Chemistry course, tailored for students in Years 9 to 11. This structured program is meticulously designed to cover essential concepts and advanced topics, ensuring a thorough preparation for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (iGCSE) examination.

Delve into the intricacies of matter, chemical reactions, and explore the depths of organic and inorganic chemistry. The curriculum combines theoretical understanding with hands-on experiments, fostering practical skills and a deeper appreciation for the subject. Guided by experienced instructors and enriched with interactive learning materials, this course not only equips students with the knowledge needed for examination success but also cultivates a lifelong passion for the captivating world of chemistry.

Join us on this educational expedition as we make the study of chemistry a rewarding and transformative experience from Year 9 to 11.”


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UKVS Ultimate Video Bundle – iGCSE Chemistry (3-Year Full Content), UKVS Ultimate Video Bundle – iGCSE Chemistry (Taster Course)

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UK Virtual School Teacher Hannah

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Role: Primary Science & Secondary Chemistry & Biology Teacher

Year Groups: Yr 3/4 & Yr 5/6 Science, Yr 7-11 Biology & Chemistry

Degree: BSc Major: Ecology, Minor: Marine Science, PGDipSci Marine Science, MSc  Marine Science, PGCE (Secondary)

Taught in: Scotland, England, Madagascar, New Zealand

Kia ora! I am Hannah, the biology and chemistry teacher at UKVS. I also teach primary science. Originally from New Zealand, I have an MSc in Marine Science from the University of Auckland and a PGCE from Brunel University.

I started out as a field scientist and educator in a wide variety of places, from Madagascar to Scotland. In 2016, I retrained as a secondary science teacher in the UK, where I taught for 4 years, before leaving the classroom and hitting the open road in my van. 

I love teaching science and will often take my lessons outside into the real world, wherever I am. My favourite part about science is the voyage of discovery and guiding my students to see the world through a new lens. In my spare time, I love any and all outdoor sports like skiing, climbing, SCUBA diving, and paragliding. I will try it all at least once!

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3-Year Course - Year 2

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3-Year Course - Year 3

You will need the following textbooks: iGCSE Chemistry Student Book and iGCSE Chemistry Lab Workbook.


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