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For Interested Families

How does UK Virtual School work?

UK Virtual School is a school without walls. We are an online school for home educating families. With our flexible and accessible platforms, our students have the opportunity to progress with their learning in the comfort of their own homes, at their own pace.

Do we have to be tied to a long-term contract?

We offer flexible payment options. Interested families may choose from the following plans: monthly, termly, or yearly. You will not be tied to any lock-in contracts, but non-refundable fees are paid in advance. We strongly advise committing to an option that suits your family well.

Are you teaching out of the UK? Are you teaching non-native kids?

UK Virtual School is diverse and inclusive. Our students can be anywhere in the world. We follow UK’s National Curriculum. Hence, we teach non-native kids if the language barrier is not an issue.

Do you follow the UK curriculum?

Yes, we follow UK’s National Curriculum (English Curriculum). We offer regular flexibility and interaction to suit your children’s needs and your budget.

Are these sessions interactive?

We have two types of sessions: Interactive and One-way Stream. Interactive sessions allow the students to engage with their peers and the teachers through live audio, video, and chat, opening up discussions, debates and the ability to make friends with peers. One-Way Stream offers a streamlined session, perfect for children and families who prefer a faster pace of learning and a hands-off learning approach. For more information about types of classes, please click here.

Do you offer one-on-one sessions?

Currently, we only offer sessions in groups.

How many children are in a class?

We will have a maximum of 10 children in an interactive class. This is large enough to feel like an actual classroom and it allows students to interact with peers, take part in group activities, join discussions, and form friendships. A maximum group of 10 is also small enough for teachers to offer individual support to each student.

When do the sessions take place?

All our classes run during the daytime on weekdays between 9:30am to 4:30pm UK time. We are designed as a high quality online school for homeschooled students. We do not run any classes in the evenings or weekends.

What age / year groups do you cater to?

Our daily and weekly sessions cater to Primary (Year 1 to Year 6), KS3/Secondary (Year 7), and a three-year GCSE course (Year 9 to Year 11). Click on the respective links for more detailed information about our year groups.

What subjects do you cover?

We offer a wide variety of subjects. Our core subjects are English, Maths, and the Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics). Additional subjects include Art, Languages (Arabic, French, and Spanish), and World Views. For more information about our subjects, please click here.

How do you measure a student’s progress?

We do this through formative assessment (through questioning) which allows us to gauge whether the students have understood concepts.

They regularly have quizzes at the end of classes. Homework are set for every lesson for weekly classes once a week.

What's the difference of video courses and one way stream?

One-way streams are 20-25min and initially live classes (without interaction) and available as a replay video after 48 hours. The students can watch the classes live and they are based on the same content as the interactive weekly classes which are 45-55 min of content. Video course is only available for the Worldviews as there will be no live one-way stream for this. These will be shorter videos around 10-20 min (as they are the content from the daily interactive classes which last 30-40min). They are likely to be edited in bulk at the end of the week or month.

For Returning Families

We often have other commitments and travel a lot. Will my child be able to keep up with the pace?

Absolutely! Our weekly sessions offer playbacks so your child can still catch up to missed sessions. UK Virtual School is the perfect learning environment for children whose families have moving lifestyles. For families who cannot commit to Interactive live classes, we recommend enrolling to our One-Way Stream which also gives access to recordings.

When do homework or video recordings become available?

Homework and video recordings are uploaded within 48 business hours after each lesson. To provide you high-quality playbacks, recordings go through our video editing team to check and correct any possible errors relevant to the course material.

Does the homework get marked?

At UK Virtual School, we are centered on a growth mindset culture. We don’t mark any homework as we don’t believe it’s useful or productive. The kids focus more on the mark than where they’ve gone wrong. The start of each class is spent running through solutions so children can cross-check. In Interactive classes, the students take turns explaining their answers in a group discussion.

I have a concern with this particular lesson.

Please utilise our Parent-Teacher communication portal on the website to reach out to teachers for about concerns with the subjects and lessons. You can also ask our teachers for feedback or assessments if you are enrolled in Interactive sessions.

I have a concern with a teacher.

Please send an email to with details of your concern. We will endeavour to resolve your concerns as soon as possible.

Can I purchase old videos to catch up?

Of course! We are offering easy-access Video Bundles for you to get in touch with a whole year of video content. The Video Bundles will also give you access to relevant homework of the respective subjects.

Do we have assemblies and can we communicate to other parents/students?

Our UKVS community is important to us. We have regular monthly assemblies and parent meetings every 4th Monday of each month. Student assemblies happen at 9:30 AM, while parent meetings take place in the afternoon at 5:00 PM.

We understand that your children may want to reach out to their classmates. To connect with other families, You can install Geneva app on your phone and join UKVS Parent Hub. Please contact our team for the link.