UKVS Podcast Epidsode 6 How do home educated kids sit GCSEs?
SE01 #6 How Do Home Educated Kids Sit GCSEs? (Part 1)
UKVS Podcast Epidsode 6 How do home educated kids sit GCSEs?

#6 How Do Home Educated Kids Sit GCSEs? 101 Guide to Exams as a Home Educator with Syd

On this sixth episode in season one, Syd will answer the most common questions she hears from home educating families, or those who are considering home education as a route for their children. There can be a lot of misunderstanding around exams and assessments, but you’ll hear these questions fully answered:

  • Does my child need to sit exams?
  • How does my child sit exams?
  • What are iGCSEs?
  • How will my child actually sit the exam itself?

And lot’s more. Don’t forget to download the pdf guide to exams below

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Key take aways

Education can happen in many different ways. As home educators, the families get to decide what kind of education a child needs, and what kind of education they want to provide.
You don't need to be in the UK to do GCSEs and IGCSEs, which are running on the British curriculum. You can be based anywhere in the world!
There are several private exam centers all over the UK and the world that provide examinations for private candidates.
Don't forget to download the 8-page "101 Guide to Exams as a Home Educator" to use as a starting point for your journey >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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  1. Sarah Benson

    This looks ideal for my cousin as she’s just decided to home educate my niece who would be in year 10 this September.

    • Kellie

      I’m new to home school and would love some information and happy for some support please

      • UK Virtual School

        Hi Kellie
        Thanks for reaching out to us. Please get in touch via and we can get a meeting arranged with our founder, Syd, and she can discuss how we can support you 🙂


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