Growth Mindset (September 2021 Module)

In September, we met Growth Mindset, one of our core values, and explore the power of Yet!

Hear from our Teacher, Hannah, as she discusses the importance of growth mindset in her life whilst learning new skills.

How do our Coaching Tutorials work?

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Complete the worksheet.
  3. For enrolled students, attend your small group Coaching Tutorial.
  4. If you’re a member of Children’s University you can claim credit for taking part in this activity using the stamp code: blue7763

Growth Mindset (September 2022)

In our new academic year, we will look back on our previous Coaching Tutorials for a more in-depth discussion!

This month, our Music Teacher, Denis, has put together a quiz that the kids can try out to see if they do have a Growth Mindset!

We would love to know what score they get 🎉

UK Virtual School is a partner of Children’s University. Our Coaching Tutorials are validated Children’s University activities, so if you have a Passport to Learning you can collect a stamp code for taking part in the tutorials.

Children’s University is a programme that encourages, tracks and celebrates children’s participation in learning beyond the classroom. You can find out more about Children’s University and where and how they operate at

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