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by | Jan 6, 2024 | UKVS Blog | 0 comments

What is the best time for change?

by | Jan 6, 2024 | UKVS Blog | 0 comments


People have been making New Year’s resolutions for a long time. It’s a time to think about the past year, figure out how to get better, and set goals for the future. Some common resolutions are exercising more, stopping bad habits, or learning new things. Many of us feel like January is a good time to start fresh, like turning a new page. But, is the New Year the only time we can decide to change and set new goals?

Actively Living, No Matter the Date

You don’t have to wait for the New Year to make changes. The perfect time for change is when you want to grow personally, feel inspired, or see things in your life that need improvement. Personal growth is a continuous journey that can start at any moment.

New Years Resolution
Breaking Free from Waiting

Thinking we can only change on a specific date limits us. Waiting for the New Year to work on our goals can slow us down and stop us from growing. Instead of waiting for a special date, it’s better to be consistent and dedicated to your goal. It doesn’t matter if it’s July or December; what matters is sticking to your goal.


Achieving Goals with a Plan

To make reaching your goals easier, plan for the whole year and break it down into small steps. Include the things you need to do and set a realistic timeline. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed, and if you miss a day or two, it’s okay as long as you get back on track.


UKVS’s Changes Throughout the Year

At UKVS, we’ve made changes and improvements throughout the year. To further improve our school, we asked our families for feedback and looked back at previous years to see where we could do better. We started one-on-one lessons, introduced new courses, and turned our social club into a virtual playroom for games. During our Community Days, we wanted to encourage our students by giving them certificates for showing our core values. We also had our first trip to Morocco!


Change Happens Beyond New Year

While New Year’s resolutions are part of tradition, it’s essential to know that change isn’t only for the beginning of the year. Getting better is a long process that can start whenever you want. Take a moment to think: What do you want to change? What goals do you want to achieve?

Setting Goals Easily

Think about your new goals and use Locke and Latham’s goal-setting theory to help. The theory talks about making goals clear, challenging, accepted, getting feedback, and not too complicated. You can learn more about this theory in our coaching tutorial on goal setting.



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