Video bundles

Full year curriculum packaged for on-demand play

Video Bundles

Whether you’re looking for a crash revision course, or head-start supplementary content for the year, why not purchase one of our video bundles to give you that added boost? We’ve now even added short course video bundles to the mix!

These Bundles contain content broken down into small manageable video chunks, for on-demand, on-the-go, educational learning anywhere with WIFI.



Not ready to purchase a whole bundle yet? Why not explore our video tasters. Find the teacher who will be teaching the classes (whether live or video recordings) and see if you like their style!

Core Subject


Access a full year’s worth of content for English, Maths and Science from Year 1 to Year 7. Remember we skip Year 8 & 9 national curriciulum at UKVS and jump straight onto a 3 Year GCSE Course. Our full 3 Year GCSE courses are also available!



Learn either French, Spanish or Arabic at your own pace from beginners level to advanced. If you ever wanted to learn conversational language, now is your chance!

Short Course Bundles

We have some awesome short courses in store! They cover a range of very cool topics from Positive Pyschology to Creative Writing to so much more. Extend your knowledge and be curious!

Please note no refunds are provided for any video bundle purchases. Please ensure you have picked the correct year and subject before purchasing the video bundle


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Primary Video Bundles (Core Subjects)

Secondary Video Bundles (Core Subjects)


Video Bundles (Languages)


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