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UK Virtual School has just been featured in a Telegraph article! When COVID-19 hit the world last year, a lot of families were placed in a difficult situation due to the lockdowns. The education of many was put at risk as a result of school closures. It made sense that an online education programme will be the next option for a lot of families. However, one consistent feedback from families was that there was a lack of high quality and affordable online offering. UK Virtual School was born. What started as an idea of an online tutoring service sprouted into an actual online homeschool. We’ve taken families who needed massive support during the lockdown under our wing.

One of our parents, Rae Burns, was deeply concerned about the inconsistency of schools because of lockdown restrictions. They decided to join us the weekend before the national lockdown was announced. The flexibility of UK Virtual School allowed their family to manage time better, significantly improving their wellbeing. Rae has since then shared how her children enjoyed the sessions. “We have just completed our first full week of UK Virtual School and all three boys loved it!” she says in a post.

Currently, UKVS has catered to more than a hundred students. Our homeschool setup allows for flexibility in Primary, Secondary and, GCSE courses. UKVS continues to be a shelter during these tough times. We are always grateful for our UKVS community for allowing us to extend our platform in learning. We are happy to share this growth with you.

Read the Telegraph article here.


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