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Types of Classes

At UK Virtual School, we have different types of classes to suit the learning styles of your home educating family. Our class schedules are either weekly or daily.

Please note, not all subjects offer all variations of classes. Check our time table to see what works best for you.

Interactive Sessions

Bringing the classroom experience to your home

If your child is missing the interaction of being in a classroom with other children, these classes will enable them to experience the feel of a classroom from the comfort and safety of your home.

This type of class allow the students to engage with their peers and the teachers through live audio, video, and chat, opening up discussions, debates and the ability to make friends with peers. This is our best recommendation for home educating families as it gives a truly engaging online classroom learning experience.

Families enrolled onto the weekly interactive classes also receive recordings of the one-way stream videos as extra reference material.

One-way Stream Sessions

Taking ownership of your own learning

These sessions run live initially at predefined times, but there is no interaction between students and teachers making them ideal for students who love taking ownership of their own learning. The videos are edited and available to watch at your own leisure. Whether you watch live or on playback, this option is idea for a hands-off learning approach.

The content is exactly the same as the interactive classes, yet streamlined, making them the go-to option for families with busy schedules or for world travelers who want the option of designing their own learning schedules around the rest of life

Perfect for on-the-go families and for students with anxiety who want to get a feel of our classes.