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It’s Syd here. I would like to introduce the UKVS Podcast. I’m so excited to be bringing to you this podcast series! I know how busy parents are, so the ability to listen to audio while you’re getting on with household activities, driving around, or whatever it is you’re doing with your kids is going to be a big advantage.

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This podcast series is for families. It’s for parents. It’s for people looking to home educate or are already home educating. It’s for those of you who want something different for your kids when it comes to education. Schooling is one way of education, but there are loads of different alternatives. If you’re looking for an alternative, this is going to be the podcast for you.

Syd is dedicated in doing the podcast recordings whilst temperatures hit 28 degrees centigrade over the weekend!

We’re going to be talking to families that home educate their kids. Everyone will have a unique approach; you’ll be hearing from actual families and their day-to-day structures of how they home educate, what their doubts have been, what their journeys are, what their visions are for their kids.


We’ll talk about the flexibility of being an online school; how you can travel and home educate your kids; how you can still have a hands-on approach at home; how you can have a blended learning approach where you do hands-on activities and trips to support what they’re doing at UK Virtual School.


We’ll also be interviewing some of our teachers and staff. You’ll get to hear their approaches to education, to subject teaching, their unique stance, and how we work together as a community to create something very unique.


I’m so excited to be bringing you this series of educational podcasts and hopefully you. as parents and families. will find something that you can utilise in every single episode. We look forward to sharing all these golden nuggets with you. Please remember to subscribe and like!


The UKVS Podcast is out now! Don’t forget to download, share, and subscribe. Listen to the podcast here.




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