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Our unique setup at UK Virtual School allows us to completely operate remotely. We’re all physically apart, thousands of miles away from each other in different locations across the world. And whilst we follow the UK timings, some of us work (and study) from different timezones. This flexibility is more than just making us virtually connected, it allows families to make it work for them at their own pace, at whichever timezone and wherever they choose to be – whether they’re in a live session or they’re watching the video recordings.

Take for example, our science teacher. Hannah is no ordinary teacher, she’s an adventurous spirit. She takes learning to many different places on the road in her van! Previously, we’ve seen her teach outdoors in the Swiss Alps. This time, have a look at Hannah’s daily log during UK Virtual School’s final week before going on a break!

How to survive a heatwave in a tin can.

It has been a hot week here in the UK. As the science teacher living in her van, I might as well be living in a sweat box at the moment. Here is a run down of my fun week trying to escape the heat.


Monday – 9.30AM – Temperature: 290C



With the heatwave from the weekend has really settled in over the UK. I have set up my classroom outside my van in the shade in the lush British country side. This set up works well, until my Year 9 lesson is interrupted by a tractor bailing hay right next door, so into the van with windows and doors shut I go for a very sweaty end of day.


Tuesday – 12NN – Temperature: 330C

I have taught all my lessons for the day and have decided I need to get higher to escape this heat. Solution: Go paragliding!




Wednesday – 1PM – Temperature: 290C in the shade

We have nice shady park up today with all the doors open. I can cool off using our fancy out door shower set up. Some people look at me a bit strangely as I go through some electricity Kung Fu with my Year 4s, but that’s half the fun!



Thursday – 10PM – Temperature: 260C

After a day of sweltering heat, it is lovely to have some wild horses help me mark my Year 10 Biology papers on a warm summers evening.



Friday – 4PM – Temperature: 260C

End of the school year! Going to celebrate by going to find some bioluminescent plankton that this heat wave has brought into the coast. What a great way to end a year. The heat wave breaks tomorrow with thunder storms, which will present a whole new set of challenges.


Read more about Hannah and other UKVS teachers here!

One of our key drivers is making sure that home educators will have access to learning wherever they may be. Not all online schools and similar services offer the same flexibility that we have and many current families, as well as teaching and admin staff, benefit from this setup. Learning conditions may vary but there’s no “right” or “wrong” place and time for education. School is wherever you have access to it. It doesn’t matter where you are, the learning will go with you.


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