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Ever wondered what the rest of the world is like? Surely, you will need to travel for that, right? Well, that’s where our Worldviews subject comes in!

Worldviews allows our students to experience the world around them. Visit countries, learn their culture, and travel to the most beautiful destinations – history, geography, cultures and traditions – through the lens of one subject. We mainly focus on covering new countries each month, so the students can get the full immersive experience.

Travel the world with us, flight-free, safely from your screens! Come and join our Worldviews classes.

UKVS Worldviews Visuals

UKVS Web Quote Visual Worldviews

Year Groups

Worldviews is available for all year groups and divided up into:

  • Year 1-3 
  • Year 4-6
  • KS3 / KS4 (Year 7-11)


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Eloise is our Worldviews Teacher. She brings a vast experience of teaching and travelling into her planning and delivery of classes.

UK Virtual School Teacher Eloise

Types of classes

Worldviews is available in the following options:

  • Daily & Weekly Interactive
  • One-way Stream (Distance Learning)
  • Video Bundles


Type of classesDailyWeekly
Interactive (enrolled)£99pm*£37.50pm*
One-way Stream (enrolled)£49.50*£18.75pm*
Video Courses (independent)£45£12

*Discounts available for termly and yearly options