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Our Timetravel subject takes you on a journey to the past, present and future by exploring a new concept every month. The students engage with activities and learning, exploring different aspects of life in a historical time period compared to the present day and even the future.

There are endless possibilities of what students can learn. Making comparisons between the modern day and a historical time period allows students to see how the world has changed and advanced over time. It also allows them to question why these changes have been made and if these changes have always been for the better. Innovation is the heart of UKVS and no Timetravel subject would be complete without exploring the future. The students have the opportunity to put their creativity to use as they design what the future world would like.

Year Groups

Timetravel is available for all year groups and divided up into:

  • Year 4-6 Timetravel
  • KS3-4 (Year 7-11) Timetravel


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Eloise is our Timetravel Teacher. She brings a vast experience of teaching and travelling into her planning and delivery of classes.

UK Virtual School Teacher Eloise

Types of classes

Worldviews is available in the following options:

  • Daily & Weekly Interactive
  • One-way Stream (Distance Learning)
  • Video Bundles


Type of classesDailyWeekly
Interactive (enrolled)£99pm*£37.50pm*
One-way Stream (enrolled)£49.50*£18.75pm*
Video Courses (independent)£45£12

*Discounts available for termly and yearly options