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This option is not available for Primary. Please see our general Science subject option for primary.


Our Secondary students have Science split up into the three different sciences: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Please see the separate subject pages for more information on each science option. Students may pick and choose which sciences they wish to study.

1. Weekly Chemistry: 1 lesson a week

• Year 7

• We do not offer Year 8. Our Year 8 students are merged with Year 9 and start on GCSE courses.

• Year 9 – Yr 1 of a 3 year Edexcel iGCSE course

2. Weekly Chemistry: 2 lessons a week

• Year 10 – Yr 2 of a 3 year Edexcel iGCSE course

• Year 11 – Yr 2 of a 2 year Edexcel iGCSE course (This is our final 2 year GCSE course)

Weekly Chemistry is available as two different types of classes: Interactive or One-way stream.