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With a new academic year on the horizon, the days and months leading up to September 2022 will be quite fast-paced. Our past terms have been working exceptionally well, and over the past few months we’ve been going back and forth to see what’s working nicely, what areas need improvement, and what steps we need to take. To set proper expectations, we’re implementing some changes that aim to improve the quality of our services going forward. This blog breaks down these changes in more detail.


Registration Fee

Despite the increasing cost of expenses in the UK, we’re trying to keep everything at the same level. Instead of increasing the cost of our classes, we have decided to increase our yearly registration fee from £49 to £99 because it is more economical and is more aligned with our vision to keep the classes at minimal cost. This is applicable to all families, both old and new. The registration fee is per family, not per child.

  • Families who signed up before April 2022 will need to pay £99 by September to fulfil the registration for a new academic year.
  • Families who signed up between April 2022 and through July 2022 will only need to pay the additional cost of £50 in September, as your initial £49 registration fee will still be valid by then.


Changes to Subjects

We aim to offer as much flexibility to home educating families as possible, so by September 2022, our Daily classes will now run four (4) times per week. From £123.75, this change will bring the monthly cost down to £99 per month. This will give your child room to work on new subjects, or try social clubs and extracurricular activities.

Families enrolled in our Languages subjects may also expect a decrease in cost as Languages will now be running once (1) a week, instead of twice previously.

By September 2022, we will now be able to introduce a new subject called Time Travel. This has been in the works for the past couple of months now and we’re excited to finally open a class for this new interesting subject. It ties in so well with our Worldviews class too.


System and Website

We have been continuously working on optimising our website and learning platforms. Families looking forward to September 2022 can expect a friendlier UK Virtual School website that’s easier to navigate and has loads of contents waiting. Meanwhile, families can also await for new features that we are potentially integrating into Zoom.

UK Virtual School Changes in September 2022

Make sure to note these changes in your journal!

Registration for September 2022 is now open! We’ll be super busy this year, and our limited slots available for September 2022 fills up quite fast! Make sure to register your interest for enrollment to get the latest updates directly from our team. If you’re interested in joining, you might want to talk about your options and discuss your child’s future at UK Virtual School. Book a meeting with our founder below.



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