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Kids naturally have playful minds.

It’s the reason why they ask a lot of questions! It’s what allows them to discover things on their own. It’s this innate curiosity that allows them to see the world around them. And we, as parents, are capable of providing them support to help expand this world. There’s still so much to discover about life on Earth. It may seem intimidating because the era of the Internet disconnected our children from the realities that we live in. We’re just a click away from anything. The world will only continue to evolve and move forward. But sometimes, we just need to chill, take a step back, and enjoy the many worldly wonders we’re blessed with. September last year, UK Virtual School introduced a new subject that encompasses the very essence of venture: Worldviews.

COVID halted tourism across the globe. It felt as though the world itself was shrinking, getting smaller each passing day. Even schools couldn’t fully support school trips due to the risks it imposes.

But traveling isn’t the sole thing that connects us to other places. We don’t even have to be physically present in specific places to see what’s around us.

This is where worldviews come in.

Whilst our students are virtually studying, there’s no stopping them from discovering the world around them as it unfolds. One of our main goals is to broaden their understanding of different countries, with a new country being explored each month including culture, beliefs, geography, traditions, and historical events.

Let’s look at the rest of the world from a wider perspective.

Syd, our founder, said, “The UK curriculum looks at history from the lens of Britain and school kids often miss out on learning about the fab cultures from around the world! UK Virtual School has students from all over the globe and we wanted to open the students’ horizons even further with a subject that sets them up for a globalised future.”


This is why we chose to collaborate with Little Crafters Boxes this year, as we share the same love for learning and the vision to radically change the way we learn. We’re excited to bring fun and engaging tools of learning to our students, watch out for it!

The introduction of worldviews as a subject also aligns well with one of our core values, Diversity and Inclusion. At worldviews classes, we’re jumping from one country to another and it means going past an individualistic mindset, rather looking at the inter-relationships we have with other countries and people. It further emphasises that we’re all unique, yet somehow all the same and that the only thing separating us are vast oceans.

We have been to a couple of places, but we’re more than ready to explore more!

When we opened worldviews back in September, we started the journey in South Africa. Now, months later, we have already flown to several countries. We’ve been to so many places! We embraced different cultures and showed respect to traditions. We learned about the lifestyles of people miles away from us. At present, we are experiencing the greatness of China. And there’s still a lot of mystery clouding the rest of the 195 countries waiting to be uncovered this year!

To wrap this up, we’re thrilled to announce that our Worldviews is coming to our video bundle format soon! Interested families should keep watch for announcements as we’re dropping teasers for the first country featured in our video bundle this week!

To join our worldviews classes, send us an inquiry. Alternatively, you may purchase our worldviews video bundle available soon.

Interested in joining our Worldviews classes for September 2022? Register your interest and get updates directly from us.



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