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The existence of the Loch Ness Monster is probably one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in the world. Said to reside in Scotland’s vast Loch Ness, the phenomena around this monster has practically been adopted in Scottish culture. In popular culture, Nessie as how most people refer to it, this peculiar creature has built a reputation for itself. It has been the protagonist or a reference of many movies, books, documentaries, and podcasts. Whilst in actuality, this timid beast has yet to make its first public appearance. What does it really look like? Is it friendly or aggressive? Why are a lot of people fascinated by its possible existence? This Loch Ness Monster just gets you curious and wanting to know more!

Well, it’s only timely to be wary of such creatures. After all, UK Virtual School is going to Scotland. That’s right! Who says an online school can’t go out for meets and residential trips? For our first residential trip, we’re visiting the Land of Cakes. Scotland is a wonderful place to be. The rich culture and history will surely entice your curiosity and pique your interest! Scotland’s natural beauty is evident through the historic castles and forts that hug the surrounding landscapes, as well as unique highlands and coastal wildlife.

UK Virtual School Scotland Sceneries

Growth Mindset can’t wait to enjoy Scotland’s breathtaking sceneries!

On UK Virtual School’s first residential trip, we will be accompanied by our founder Syd and our resident Science teacher, travel enthusiast Hannah. This is a great opportunity for families to bond and for students to finally meet their classmates! Our main goal, of course, is to immerse ourselves in the rich history of Scotland, experience the Scottish culture, and to enjoy the sceneries and wildlife that awaits.

UK Virtual School Scotland Animals Curiosity

Curiosity is excited to meet Scotland’s friendly native animals!

The trip begins in Edinburgh, where we will make our first stop at Arthur’s Seat with a sunset hike en route. This hike will allow us to enjoy a panoramic and scenic view of Edinburgh. Whilst at Edinburgh, of course we won’t want to miss the chance to visit the iconic and infamous Edinburgh Castle! After taking some time in the city, our trip will take us next to breathtaking highlands and bodies of water. The next stop on the tour is the seaside town of Oban, where we will be in touch with our watery side! Some highlights of this stop are beautiful bayside views, good seafood meals, and of course, meeting some friendly folks in the water. Families have the opportunity to swim with grey seals and meet highly sociable puffins!


Key Dates

Thursday 14th April – Information Evening

Monday 18th April – Deposit Deadline

Saturday 30th April – Balance Payment Deadline

Friday May 27th to  Tuesday May 31st – Tour Dates


For more in-depth information, please download the UKVS Scotland Residential trip brochure below. Our brochure will tell you more about the trip, preparations to make, and arrangements courtesy of UK Virtual School.



This is just one of the many firsts for UK Virtual School. Who knew an online school can also go to residential trips? This is all made possible by the change we’re starting to make. And our families are part of that change. We take pride in our tagline: a school without walls. There’s so much to learn from the world out there, sometimes we just have to go on adventures to find them. And hey, if you can’t make it to our residential trip, you can still immerse your child in Scottish culture by joining our Worldviews class! Next month’s worldviews will highlight Scotland, so why not join us for only £123.75 for a month-long daily classes? Send us a message for inquiries.

We can’t wait to be with you on this trip!

Which country or place would you like to go to next? Let us know in the comments!

If you missed our Information Evening, watch the video below as teacher Hannah breaks down the Scotland trip in full detail.



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