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Have you ever cheered for a football team? Perhaps you play the sport as well.

What is it about their game that made you want to cheer for them to score the goal?

Is it their strategy? Or is it their passion to win?

Let’s flip the questions. Have you ever cheered for yourself? More importantly, have you ever set goals for yourself?

Goal setting is not as straightforward as football. But it’s a sensible analogy that encompasses what attaining goals means. Real life situations are much more complicated, humans are complex! Let’s admit the truth. Oftentimes, we underestimate the value of goal setting. It’s not something that’s widely taught in traditional schools. A lot of adults today grew up figuring things out by themselves. This much is a known fact. It was confusing, disorienting, and at times, we’d lose focus. What happens next? Which path do I really want to take? This is not the experience that we want for our kids today. Not anymore! 

We have to make changes happen. And that starts within us. In our pursuit of revolutionising education, we want to emphasise the importance of knowing one’s goals and why they matter. Imparting this onto our kids will not only help them navigate life, it will help them appreciate learning, knowing, and growing. Now, let’s go through some reasons on why goal setting matters! 


It helps us find our purpose in life.

What is our purpose in life?

Are we truly alive if we don’t know what we’re living for? Think about it. Reflect on why you’re sending your kids to school. Is it for them? One of our missions at UK Virtual School is to change the way traditional curriculum is taught. The current systems placed in school cater more for the benefit of the society rather than the children themselves. When their creativity, humanity, and motivations are taken away from them, they’re more likely to be taken advantage of. They would become pawns of what society dictates them to be. They would lose a sense of individuality. We don’t want that to happen. Teaching them how to set goals early on imposes a great lesson: the author of your own story is you. And it’s okay to take your time! As long as you have goals set in place, life will unfold itself and your purpose will come to you.


Setting goals significantly increases productivity.

Avoid procrastinating!

Whilst children are very attentive, they also have short attention spans. Some are even more hyperactive than others! Such is the nature of kids. Especially in the digital age that we live in, they can easily get distracted and lose sight of their progress. One misconception about goal setting is that goals can only be long-term. We have to erase this mindset! Short-term goals are valid and actually, it makes up most of our days. Working on homework is a goal. Preparing lunch is a goal. Your kids can start learning from these short-term goals. It shows them a deeper understanding of the consequences of their actions. At the end of your day, make a list of what they achieved for the day and surprise them with just how much they accomplished. It’s fulfilling!


It helps with identifying priorities.

As they say. “Set your priorities straight!”

Prioritising is a close cousin of productivity. There would be times that short-term goals and long-term ones may clash. At some point, your kids will eventually realise the gravity of meeting deadlines. This dilemma is even more prominent when they’re working on multiple subjects and activities at once. Identifying priorities isn’t just about weighing which things matter more. Everything on their plate matters, even leisure time. It’s also about understanding that we can always be two steps ahead. Setting goals puts them in a good position to work on one thing at a time, resulting in a more efficient and effective workflow.


Setting goals drives motivation and keeps our dreams alive.

Keep that fire ignited!

It’s simple: it ignites the fire within us. There’s no secret to being successful. There’s no formula or distinct way to be one. Our experiences are unique to us. There’s just you, your goals, and the challenges you need to overcome. No one said it would be easy! Many successful people in the world had to climb their way up to the top. The more your kids are motivated to achieve their goals, whether it’s on a small scale or in the grand scheme of things, the closer they are to success and their dreams.

Our goals drive us to move forward. It allows us to go beyond expectations and achieve things we’d never imagine we could. And with the right mindset, we’d score goals and win in life. Don’t miss out on our upcoming Coaching Tutorial this month as we put a spotlight on goal setting!

Allow us to help you with your goals. If you’re interested in joining us for September 2022, register your interest down below.



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