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Since UK Virtual School was first established in 2020, we’ve always had the best intentions for families. Our school is built around children and different family lifestyles in mind. In fact, the initial idea for a flexible online school came about because of feedback from families. And this collaborative relationship matters a lot to us – it’s what allowed the UK Virtual School community to expand opportunities: new subjects, new systems in place, social clubs, changes in many simple ways like teacher-student communication, and a lot more.

Our initiatives are centred around improving the home education experience. With each new lockdown, we anticipate a surge of families looking for an online option. When we first launched, a lot of our students were either home educators transitioning to an online option or first-time home educators sheltering at home due to COVID. The flexibility of our unique structure allowed families to have control and freedom over their schedules. The various types of classes such as live interactive and one-way streams cater to different lifestyles. And it’s this unique structure, we believe, is what makes UK Virtual School stand out.

Our unique flexible structure opened many doors for a lot of families.

Our vision to create solutions for home educating families has never faltered. We are still on track in making an education revolution. What we do everyday genuinely stems from this commitment. And it’s through this commitment that we’re able to show the world that our services and the flexible learning we offer are globally competitive, This is why being nominated for the Midlands Service Excellence Awards, in three categories, is truly an honour. 

We take pride in our nominations for the following categories: Service Provider of the Year, Training Provider or Educational Establishment of the Year, and Customer Service Initiative of the Year.

This is just one of the many milestones we’ve reached together!

We have been through a lot since launching. Many things have changed, yet our commitment, our principles, and our mission remains the same. It helps that all families and staff we’re working with share the same vision. The progress we’ve made together is what keeps us motivated to continue providing high quality service, an education like no other. The more we work closely with parents and kids, the more we’re presented with new opportunities to improve, make changes, and create something new.

With this, our biggest thanks goes out to, first and foremost, the students and families who put their trust in UK Virtual School. You are at the centre of everything that we do and try to achieve.

Thank you to our teaching and administrative staff, as guided by our founder Syd, who all continue to live out our core values.

And finally, the Midlands Service Excellence Awards, Henrik Court and Co, our sincerest thanks for recognising our collaborative effort in making revolutionary education accessible.

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