Year 9 Maths – Taster (Standard Form)


No. of Videos: 2 Videos

Average Length of Videos: 15-20 mins long

Age Suitability: Year 9 (Aged 13-14 years)

Curriculum: Based on the National Curriculum for England

Teacher: Vanessa

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Role: Secondary Maths Teacher

Year Groups: Year 7-11 Maths

Degree: IT

Following a decade in IT and then running my own business while my children were young, I had a calling to teach maths. My own daughter was bottom set maths at primary and was terrified of my favourite subject.

I have been teaching secondary maths ever since, working my way up to running my own maths department. Over the years I have specialised in teaching students with maths anxiety and teach using multiple representations of concepts to aid understanding. I feel it is a privilege to teach young people and to watch their confidence in maths grow.

Outside of work, I love to dance, cook and look after my chickens, cats, tortoises and children.

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Year 9 Maths – Taster (Standard Form)


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