UKVS Worldviews Video Bundle – Greece


No. of Videos: Worldviews (15), Arts (3), Taster (1) and Ultimate Bundle (18)

Average Length of Videos: 15-20 mins long

Age Suitability: Year 1-11 (Aged 6-16 years).

Other Resources: Homework sheets

Teacher: Eloise and Lucy

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Join the enriching journey through Greece’s rich cultural tapestry with our UKVS Video Bundle, spanning Year 1 to 11. Immerse students in a comprehensive exploration, from foundational concepts to advanced insights, as they delve into the fascinating history, arts, and worldviews of Greece featuring 15 insightful Worldviews videos, 3 engaging Arts videos, Taster course and The Ultimate video bundle.

Thoughtfully curated content and engaging visuals create an immersive learning experience, fostering a deep appreciation for Hellenic culture. From the vibrant mythology to historical landmarks, this bundle offers a transformative educational odyssey.

Choose our UKVS Video Bundle for Greece, where each video unlocks a new facet of this timeless civilization. Ignite curiosity, inspire learning, and make history come alive in your classroom. Explore, discover, and embark on a journey through the ages with our dynamic video bundle today!

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Yr 1-3 Worldviews Video Bundles – Greece by Eloise, Taster Course (Year 1-3 Egypt – Introduction to Greece), Yr 4-6 Worldviews Video Bundles – Greece by Eloise, Taster Course (Year 4-6 Greece – Introduction to Greece), KS3-KS4 Worldviews Video Bundles – Greece by Eloise, Taster Course (KS3-4 Greece – Climate and Geography in Greece), Yr 1-3 Worldviews Video Bundles – The Art of Greece by Lucy, Taster Course (Year 1-3 Art of Greece – Colours), Yr 4-6 Worldviews Video Bundles – The Art of Greece by Lucy, Taster Course (Year 4-6 Art of Greece – Colours), Ultimate Yr 1-3 Worldviews Video Bundles – Greece, Ultimate Yr 4-6 Worldviews Video Bundles – Greece

Teacher's Profile Eloise

Home 9 Product 9 UKVS Worldviews Video Bundle – Greece

Role: Worldviews Teacher

Year Groups: Primary & Secondary Worldviews

Degree: BA in English, PGCE (Primary)

Taught in: UK

Hi! I’m Eloise, a primary teacher here at UKVS. I have a BA in English from the University of Lincoln and a PGCE from Bishop Grosseteste University. I have over 6 years teaching experience, teaching a wide range of ages in both KS1 and KS2.

My favourite part about teaching is getting to know the children and seeing their individual personalities shine through. When I’m not teaching, I love anything outdoors like hiking and kayaking. I can’t wait to meet your child and enrich their education!


Teacher's Profile Lucy

Home 9 Product 9 UKVS Worldviews Video Bundle – Greece


Name: Lucy
Role: Primary Art & Science Teacher
Year Groups: Primary Art & Yr 1/2 Science
Degree: PGCE Primary Education, Ba (hons) Ceramics, TEFL
Taught in: UK, China

I’m Lucy, I am a primary school teacher and I teach primary art and science at UK Virtual School. I have been working in schools for over 10 years, teaching English and working as a teaching assistant for two years before I qualified as a teacher and then taught in both the UK and International Schools in China.

I am passionate about art and science and love to share my passion with children. I have always been very practical and absolutely love to create objects using different materials and take things apart to understand how they work (and I can usually put them back together again!).

I love to spend my time outside surrounded by nature. At home I can usually be found sewing, making jewellery and baking cakes.


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UKVS Video Bundle – Year 1-3 Arts – Arts of Greece

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Yr 4-6 Arts - Arts of Greece


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