UKVS Video Bundle – Year 9 – Maths


No. of Videos: 58 Videos

Average Length of Videos: 15-20 mins. long

Age Suitability: Year 9 (Aged 13 Years)

Curriculum: National Curriculum for England

Other Resources: Homework sheets

Teacher: Aaron



This video bundle is for Year 9 Maths.

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3-Year Course - Year 1
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UK Virtual School Teacher Aaron

Home 9 Product 9 UKVS Video Bundle – Year 9 – Maths

Role: Secondary Physics & Maths Teacher

Year Groups: Yr 7-11 Maths, Yr10-11 Physics

Degree:  B.Sc. in Astrophysics, M.Sc. in Aerospace Dynamics, PGCE

Taught in: Wales, China, Portugal

I’m Aaron, I teach physics and maths at UK Virtual School. I am an astrophysics graduate with a master’s degree in aerospace dynamics. I’ve been teaching internationally since 2008 and spent 7 years working in high schools in China.

I am a major science geek; when not teaching at UKVS, I will be reading science journals, listening to science podcasts, and talking about the stars at my local stargazing events.

More recently, I have become obsessed with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and so now I can also be found at my local dojo, being choked and submitted by people who are younger and fitter than I am, a humbling experience for anyone who wishes to try it.


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