UKVS Video Bundle – Year 3 – Maths


No. of Videos: 131 Videos

Average Length of Videos: 15-20 mins long

Age Suitability: Year 3 (Aged 7-8 years)

Curriculum: Based on the National Curriculum for England

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Teacher: Andromachi

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This video bundle is for Year 3 Maths.

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Role: Primary Maths Teacher, SEN Support, Induction & Transition Support, Primary Lead

Year Groups: Yr 3-6 Maths, Primary Lead

Degree:  BsC in Early Childhood Education & Teaching, MA in Special and Inclusive Education

Taught in: UK, Greece

My name is Andromachi and I come from Greece. I am teaching Daily Maths classes at UK Virtual School for Year’s 3 to 6. In 2015 I graduated from the Early Childhood Education department of the University of Thessaly and moved to London for study and work. I lived in London for six years and I have to say I loved it! 

When I am not teaching I love reading books, listening to music (especially songs from musicals) and colouring paint by numbers. Travelling and exploring the world is also one of my favourite things to do because I learn many new things with every country I visit. 

I firmly believe that education is the most critical aspect of people’s lives. This belief drives me to give young people the education they deserve, as that education is maybe the only means through which equality and empowerment can be achieved. Through education people learn not only to respect but also to embrace diversity.

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