Taster Course (Lucy)


No. of Videos: 2 to 3 per course

Average Length of Videos: 15-20 mins long

Age Suitability: Year 1-11 (Aged 5-16 years)

Teacher: Lucy

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Year 1-2 Science – Taster (Animals, including Humans), Primary Arts – Taster (Arts of Wales), Secondary Arts – Taster (Arts of Wales)

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Name: Lucy
Role: Primary Art & Science Teacher
Year Groups: Primary Art & Yr 1/2 Science
Degree: PGCE Primary Education, Ba (hons) Ceramics, TEFL
Taught in: UK, China

I’m Lucy, I am a primary school teacher and I teach primary art and science at UK Virtual School. I have been working in schools for over 10 years, teaching English and working as a teaching assistant for two years before I qualified as a teacher and then taught in both the UK and International Schools in China.

I am passionate about art and science and love to share my passion with children. I have always been very practical and absolutely love to create objects using different materials and take things apart to understand how they work (and I can usually put them back together again!).

I love to spend my time outside surrounded by nature. At home I can usually be found sewing, making jewellery and baking cakes.


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Year 1-2 Science - Taster (Animals, including Humans)

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Primary Arts – Taster (Arts of Wales)

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Secondary Arts – Taster (Arts of Wales)


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