Monsters and Myths: Tales of Creation, Challenges and Victories – Short Course Bundle


No. of Videos: 15 Videos

Average Length of Videos: 15-20 mins long

Age Suitability: Year 4+ (Aged 9+ years)

Other Resources: Homework sheets

Teacher: James


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Monsters and Myths: Tales of Creation, Challenges and Victories Dive into a magical adventure through amazing stories! You’ll discover how the world began, meet brave heroes, and even explore the relationships between regular people and powerful gods. From exciting adventures and impressive bravery to tough decisions about doing what’s right and staying loyal, this theme lets you explore the exciting and meaningful parts of being human, all told through exciting myths and legends!

In this course, you will learn about:

  1. Myths of Creation: Birth of Earth and Sky
  2. Genesis of Humanity: First Steps of Mankind
  3. Prometheus and Pandora: A World of Gifts and Curses
  4. Sacrifice, Ritual, and Celestial Hunt: Divine Connections
  5. The Olympian Saga: Power, Politics, and Intrigue
  6. The Trojan War and Achilles’ Quest: A Hero’s Path
  7. Thebes: Duty, Loyalty, and Defiance

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Teacher's Profile

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Role: Classics Teacher (Latin; Myths & Monsters)

Year Groups: Year 4-11

Degree: BA (Hons) Classics; MA (Cantab) Classics

Taught in: England, Dubai

Hello! I am James and I am excited to join the UKVS team as a Classics teacher. I studied Classics and I am passionate about Latin, Greek and all things Classics!

I have over twenty years’ experience of teaching, and for the last seven years I was head of Classics at Dubai College, where I established a now-flourishing Classics department from scratch. I have also worked as a policy analyst for both the UK and the New Zealand governments.

I love to spend time outdoors, and in the mountains in particular. I enjoy hiking, via ferrata and wild camping. I also run and play tennis. I am learning Italian and I am determined to finish my TV comedy series script this year!

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