Ghost Hunters: Short Course


No. of Videos: 9 Videos and for Live Interactive Course: 9 Sessions + 9 Videos

Average Length of Videos: 15-20 mins. and for Live Interactive Course: 45-55 mins.

Age Suitability: Year 6+ (Aged 10+ years)

Other Resources: Homework sheets

Teacher: Vicki

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Ghost Hunters

Uncover mysteries and explore the paranormal with our exciting new subject: Ghost Hunters! Specifically crafted for curious minds, this program takes children on an intriguing journey into the world of ghost hunting and investigative exploration.

Through immersive activities and interactive sessions, kids will delve into the fascinating realm of paranormal investigation. They’ll learn about historical ghost stories, scientific methods used in ghost hunting, and the tools used to uncover eerie phenomena. 

At UK Virtual School, we’re dedicated to fostering curiosity and exploration beyond traditional education. Our course aims to develop critical thinking skills and a sense of wonder about the mysterious and unexplored!

Course option available:

Live Interactive Course – Immerse yourself in a dynamic virtual classroom experience led by our very own UKVS Instructor. Engage in real-time discussions, ask questions, and participate in interactive activities. This option ensures a personalized and engaging learning journey throughout the school year!

Video Bundle CoursePrefer a self-paced approach? Opt for our Short Course Bundle, allowing you to learn at your own speed and convenience. Access high-quality video content, detailed lessons, and comprehensive materials that cater to your unique learning preferences.


Additional information

Type of Course

Video Course – Paranormal Pursuit (Term 2), Live Interactive Course – Paranormal Pursuit (Term 2), Video Course – Paranormal Pursuit (Term 3), Live Interactive Course – Paranormal Pursuit (Term 3)

Teacher's Profile

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Role: History Teacher

Year Groups:

Degree: Bachelor’s degree in History, PGCE in History

Taught in: UK

Hi, I’m Vicki. I taught history at a contemporary secondary school for 18 years but then decided I wanted a change and so became a driving instructor. Although it was a great experience I’m now back to my first love.

In my own time I enjoy anything that’s considered a mystery, whether it’s solving my way out of an escape room or debunking paranormal happenings on investigations. I am a volunteer with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and sing with our village choir. I’m also a keen but not particularly successful gardener.


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