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Learning environments change over time. For decades, educators have adapted to different styles of teaching. When personal computers first emerged during the ‘70s, people were skeptical. Some questioned its long-term viability. The peculiarities of technology, at that time, scared many. However, it simply cannot be denied that it made research and data storing easier. In the ‘90s, e-books eased out the convenience of reading through an accessible platform. Eventually, people adapted. Today, technology continues to revolutionise our lifestyles.

It’s apparent that the tools we have now definitely made learning easier for the new generation. Laptops, TV screens, projectors, the Internet – they’ve all become part of an ecosystem. It made online learning possible, which evidently became more prominent at the spike of the pandemic. Online learning and home education have always been there to support families whose lifestyles don’t fit with the traditional school setup. 

UK Virtual School teacher Hannah and her setup outdoors in the Swiss Alps.

Our very own UK Virtual School teacher Hannah is a wide-eyed wanderer. The flexibility of online education allows her to be a free spirit! Just recently, the Year 7 students have been learning about rocks and, in what seemed like a beautiful coincidence, Hannah was outdoors in the Swiss Alps. This is just one of the many situations in which the versatility that we offer falls right into place. Our families can take learning with them, wherever they may be.

Children can go have fun whilst camping and still not miss any lesson.

Traveling parents can attend important conventions and meetings whilst their children are connected to online sessions. 

Students will have the privilege and time to explore a wide array of opportunities in other fields – allowing them to hone and develop talents, skills, and interests.

All of these are made possible because we are connected in one system. There are endless things that we can work on if we can manage our time better. We often overlook and underestimate just how much we can do. Our structure may be different from traditional school setups but it certainly works for families who need this versatility, and it works just as effectively.


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