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We make sense of the world through our 5 senses.
We have a love of art and anything aesthetically pleasing to stimulate our sight.
We cook and eat new foods to stimulate our taste buds.
We love trying out new fragrances thanks to our olfactory bulb.
And we know how much babies and toddlers love touching mad grabbing anything and everything, as touch is a vital part of learning about new objects. It’s a shame “good behaviour” is equated to not touching objects, “just looking” because different people will have different preferences in how they process new things.
When it comes to our hearing, we look for the sounds, tonality, volume, pitch when someone speaks. We instantly know whether we’re interested to hear more or whether it sounds boring.
Language is powerful.
It can make people cry.
It can uplift you.
It can make you want to take action.
It can make you fearful.
It can stay with you for years.
It can inspire you.
The popularisation of TedTalks is because of the very reason that language can change lives.
And it has.
Public speaking skills are skills that should be taught to children of all ages because they are so vital.
A good public speaking can keep an audience engaged.
A great public speaker takes the audience on a journey, where they share the emotions of the story, and the speaker leaves an imprint on their lives.
Speaking is a skill that can be developed.
It’s powerful.
Public Speaking isn’t just about hearing a voice. It’s far more than that. The speaker works the stage or screen.
There’s movement, there’s tonality, there’s so much.
We’re very excited to be introducing our Public Speaking course for students (and everyone else – you don’t have to be a student with us to book), starting next month.
Education is more than just academics
Lifelong skills are an asset for life!
Our Public Speaking social club is open to all students and non-UKVS parties. Sessions are every Friday at 12:30 PM. Registration guarantees all sessions of the month per household. If you’re interested in booking social clubs, send us a message.


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