UKVS Podcast Episode 5 My Pandemic Homeschool Story - Why I Chose UK Virtual School
SE01 #5 My Pandemic Homeschool Story
UKVS Podcast Episode 5 My Pandemic Homeschool Story - Why I Chose UK Virtual School

#5 My Pandemic Homeschool Story: Why I Chose UK Virtual School With Rae Richards

On the fifth episode in season one, you’ll meet Home Ed Parent, Rae Richards. Rae is a Business & Style Identity Consultant, who works fulltime on her business.  Like many parents, when Covid struck, the home schooling of her 3 children (aged 13,11 and 9) became a strain on time.  After the first lockdown finished and the kids went back to their respective schools, things had changed, as classroom bubbles, regimented behaviour and face masks had all become mandatory.  Rae predicted another lockdown, and knew the boys education would suffer, if she didn’t take rapid action, so she enrolled them in UK Virtual School.  She’s since become a massive advocate of virtual schooling, as they are thriving.

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Key take aways

The attentiveness of the teachers at UKVS meant that they quickly identified parts of learning her boys had missed out on during the disruption, and rectified it.
The kids chose this method of schooling over traditional, so they feel empowered as their opinions have been taken into account, which leads to a positive mindset when approaching learning.
The boys have been much more engaged with the active learning methods used by the teachers at UK Virtual School.  In a large class of 30 in the traditional school, they were much more passive and fell behind much easier.

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