UKVS Podcast Episode #4 Why Home Educate? UK Virtual School
SE01 #4 Why Home Education?
UKVS Podcast Episode #4 Why Home Educate? UK Virtual School

#4 Why Home Educate? Understanding what’s best for your child With Gabriela Galasinska

On this fourth episode of the podcast, you’ll hear from Gabriela, who’s kids are educated at home.  Like many parents, when Covid hit, Gabriela started to teach her two children at home.  They were both much happier, as neither of them enjoyed the traditional system.  Once Gabriela realised the potential of home schooling, she enrolled both of them at UK Virtual School, and they haven’t looked back.

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Key take aways

Flexibility - Gabriela's kids are much happier without the rigid days and times. 
Gabriela's kids felt like they were in a "jail" at their traditional school, but UKVS feels more open #SchoolWithoutWalls
Gabriela feels home schooling allows the parent to play a bigger part in their child's education and ultimately get to know them better.

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