UKVS Podcast Episode #2 An Education Revolution - UK Virtual School
SE01 #2 An Educational Revolution
UKVS Podcast Episode #2 An Education Revolution - UK Virtual School

#2 An Educational Revolution – Times are changing… and education is evolving.

On this second episode of the show, you’ll hear about why Syd created UK Virtual School, and how she truly believes other educators (online and offline), will follow in her footsteps, once there’s an education revolution.

About Syd

Syd is the founder and visionary behind UK Virtual School, which was set up in the peak of the pandemic, when the need for an alternative online education system became far more clearer. Syd has worked extensively with home educating families over the last 11 years and has spent her life in the education sector as a qualified teacher in state, grammar and private schools before settling to work full time on her educational projects, namely Femtinos.

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Key take aways

How we've taken inspiration from different styles of teaching, which are more inclusive and help the student to be more creative.
We've incorporated more flexible classroom methods, which help students who need to take time off to not get behind on work.
3 week half-terms that work better in the real world and allow students to go away and come back refreshed.
UKVS has Mixed age classes, that are based on ability rather than age
There being less stress on the student, with a better approach to exams and assessments.   

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