UKVS Podcast Episode #1 What does space smell like? - UK Virtual School
SE01 #1 What Does Space Smell Like?
UKVS Podcast Episode #1 What does space smell like? - UK Virtual School

#1 What Does Space Smell Like? – My Journey through Education

In this episode you’ll meet our Founder, Syd, and hear about her journey through education so far.  You’ll hear why after working in a traditional schooling environment, she became an “education disrupter”, and embraced the importance of the enjoyment of learning. When UK Virtual school was created, Syd’s used her own experiences as a student and a teacher to shape it into something revolutionary and unique. Check the key points for some of her experiences that have helped shape the school into what it is today:

On this episode, you’ll also find out the answer to the question: What does space smell like? 

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Key take aways

Up until starting grammar school, Syd loved learning, but grammar school was more about learning to pass exams, than creative learning. This is why UKVS embraces a joy of learning.
As kids become older, they become less curious when in the traditional schooling system. This is why one of UKVS's core values is Curiosity. For more on our core values, make sure you listen to episode 3 when it's available.
Syd found the competitive nature of grammar school unhelpful. This is why UKVS has mixed age classes.  When the kids are a different age and have a different starting point, rather than being in competition with one another, they naturally collaborate.

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