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Missed our Open Days at UKVS?

Our Open Days took place on the 4th July and 1st Aug 2022. This was an opportunity to find out more about UK Virtual School, learn about how we work, what our values are, and what makes us unique. Parents met our Founder, Syd and learnt about her educational philosophy and her vision for UK Virtual School. There was an opportunity to also meet our students and parents who shared their initial experience at UKVS and how they transitioned to online learning.

Syd also shared some plans for September for those who were looking to join. 

Don’t worry if you missed out. Both our open days lasted nearly 2 hours! Our video editing team has been busy creating small mangeable videos for you to watch in your own time!

Introduction to UKVS

What is UKVS?
How are we different to other online schools?
What year groups do we cater for?
What type of families join us?
Do we cater globally?
Who is Syd?
How long has UKVS been running?
What does the Open Day entail?
Quick intro to the teachers, parents and students at the Open Day


The UKVS Story

How did it all begin?
Who was involved in the beginning?
When did we officially start?
What year groups did we cater for?
What have we achieved over the last two years?
What’s been the journey of our teachers?
What do the students think?


Meet our Founder

Who is Syd?
Why is she known as the “Poo Lady”?
What is her background?
What are her accomplishments?
What else has Syd achieved?


Hear from our Parents & Students

Parent (Risi): “She is loving what she is learning”
“UKVS provides a lot more”
“She enjoyed it [other online school] but not as much as UK Virtual School”
Student (Hope): “I honestly thought my confidence would go down when I joined UKVS because it wasn’t in person, but it did the opposite, it flipped!”
Parent (Ebi): “Finding UKVS was a blessing for us”
Ebi: “If there are any parents here, if they have a child with special needs, just to let you know, this is a good place”

What makes us Unique?

How do our term times differ?
What makes us flexible?
How do we limit screen-time?
Why are our Core Values important to us?
Why do we not mark homework or do assessments?

What we Offer?

Are the classes interactive?
What’s the maximum class size?
What are “one-way stream” classes?
What do we get when we enroll?
What are video bundles?

Meet our Teachers

How does Art work online?
What is our teachers’ experience of teaching online?
What do they love about UKVS?
How does handwriting practice work online?
Why do teachers prefer to work at UKVS?
How is teaching Science online different?