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September is fast-approaching! We are sure that at this point, you’re already thinking about the start of a new academic year. Planning around your child’s education can be stressful, because the majority of the decisions are thrown at you!

Securing them the best school and an ideal learning environment, even more so.

There are many factors to consider, especially when you’re trying something new, transferring, or transitioning. You have to think about the quality of education, the fees, logistics, and the overall dynamic of a school. “Will it work for my child?” You will ask eventually. But in the grand scheme of things, as the saying goes, you might never know unless you try.

Trying out a new school is a big step. You only want the best for your child. And in this age, with the emergence of online schools, how does that work?

You have no physical environment to see. No facilities to check. No teachers or school staff to physically meet.

Our Open Day is YOUR opportunity to get to know us!

But that doesn’t make it impossible online. At UK Virtual School, we’re with you every step of the way. That’s why we have our Open Days to help families see what’s best for their children’s future. Meet our founder, Syd, and some teachers who will work with you and your child. During open days, you will get to know UK Virtual School more, understand how we work, and get an inside-look into our subjects and our classes. Families will also have the opportunity to ask questions, and we highly recommend that you do so!

UK Virtual School Open Day Schedule

Choose the date that best fits your schedule!

September will bring forth changes, and we couldn’t be more excited to have you on board. Check out the Open Day dates and see which schedule best suits you! Indicated Open Day schedules are ideally no more than 90 minutes, so mark your schedule and maximise the time.

To get the meeting links, please sign up on the registration form below.



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