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News is highly essential. It’s our bridge to everything that has been happening around us. In this digital age, technology made news and updates easier – we’re all one swipe away from reading the next story. However quick the internet can be, there’s just something about the crispy smell of a freshly printed newspaper that makes us look forward to getting a copy every morning. Nothing beats that feeling of authenticity.

When the pandemic stormed the world, there has been an alarming decline in the publication industry. National and local newspapers have been rapidly closing down. This occurrence will definitely impact the circulation of news. Bigger publications have switched to digital platforms, but there is still a huge demand for actual papers. There are several reasons why newspaper copies still have high demand despite the resurgence of screens.

Locality. Local newspapers tailor content based on stories more relevant to their community. Local stories are not available elsewhere and access to them is limited. It provides a wider scope of awareness in communities. This personal touch has been used for many years in capturing readers.

All-in-one. One page can hold so much information. Newspapers have everything in one place. Interested in reading today’s headline? Covered. Looking for job opportunities? Read on. Food recommendations? Yes, it’s there, too. Convenience is definitely one of the many advantages of papers.

Accessibility. We have to keep in mind that there are people in our population who don’t have access to the internet and the latest technology. After all, it is a privilege. Additionally, some digital publications are now gated behind subscription fees. 

Good old paper. Sometimes, there really isn’t a reason why physical newspapers are still preferred. It’s just the paper. It’s like when some people prefer buying paperback books than reading e-books. You must admit though, you just really like the smell of paper for no apparent reason.

Our Year 7 English students have recently covered newspapers in their lessons with UKVS Teacher Elissavet. They had an opportunity to write their own articles and pieces based on what they’ve learned from Romeo and Juliet.


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