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My Hockey Tour Experience: By Ethan

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Hockey is a Sport that requires a lot of practice and dedication. These activities can have many benefits for students. They can help students learn new skills, build character and personality, make new friends and explore different interests. Like any sport, skill or talent, a lot of dedicated time is required to help hone skills. Ethan is no exception. Ethan was accepted into the PSI (Pro Series Indoor), an indoor hockey movement which consists of regional and all-star leagues, as well as annual national tournaments. The PSI attracts South Africa’s brightest hockey talents! What an awesome achievement!

In this blog, we interviewed Ethan to find out what it is like competing in the sport and to gain a little insight into one of the lives of our UKVS students!


How did your interest in Hockey impact the rest of the family?

“When my mum was thinking about how she could help me pursue playing hockey, she had an idea. She knew that they missed out on a lot of money when we went on tour and she was determined to find a way to make up for it. So instead of buying all the equipment and gear, My Mum decided to sell doughnuts! Me and my three brothers did market research and product testing. After trial and error, we were able to make the almost Perfect Doughnuts that look like the doughnuts in the shop! My mum was so excited about this idea that she woke up at 4AM so she could start making the doughnuts and I also helped by frying and decorating the Doughnuts.”  

These doughnuts definitely look delicious! Look at the icing! 

When did you get accepted into the Hockey Team?

“I joined my hockey team January 18th of this year (2022). I’ve spent countless hours practicing indoor hockey before going to the PSI (Pro Series Indoor) tournament. The players who put in the extra time at home and those who consistently attend practice got accepted into the PSI team. We were trained with a skilled coach and practiced twice a week, but we had to practice as well every day at home.

Wow that’s amazing Ethan – it requires a lot of dedication to compete and get accepted!

What were the first couple of days like for you?

“The first day of playing hockey was intense; I played the best that I had ever played, so hard that I could feel sweat pouring down my spine. We played against Titans Joes, Mambas Green, and finally the Tigers who won the game for Day One.

“The 2nd day with hockey socks on, with our Rhinos jacket, packed with hockey bags and water bottles, we were still very excited and positive to go to the indoor arena. We played against Titan Warriors which they won by three goals! The game plan was perfectly planned and strategised. Next game was against Titan Stars. Before the game we practiced passing the hockey ball to one another, practiced scoring goals and practiced ball speed so that the ball can get to the other players in the team. The game with Titan Stars counts the most and it decides if we’ll proceed to the finals or not.


There was a lot hanging on the line there – did your team win?

“Our team played the best that we have ever played. Running like thousands of kilometers. Pushed the ball so hard that it felt like pushing an elephant up a steep hill. After all the hard work we were able to tie the match.😊

“The 3rd day was the most important day because if our team won all two games, we would get the 3rd place and would win a Bronze medal. The first game played was with Titan Warriors. It was very stressful and challenging to the team but we beat them and won the game. Next game was with Mambas Green. Unfortunately, we lost the game because of the umpire. After all these challenges and struggles it got us so far to the 4th place.

That is still an awesome achievement.

What are your feelings about it?

“We won the 4th place and it’s totally fine, Still the experience we had has been amazing and we will remember this throughout our lives. Our Coaches were very happy for us together with our proud Parents.”

How has being part of the Pro Series Indoor (PSI) Hockey changed you?

“PSI has changed me both as a person and as a hockey player. It has taught me new skills, such as handling the ball properly as well as improving my focus when it gets in my hands.”

“It has also helped me became a better team player by helping me understand why it is necessary to practice before playing games. Thanks to PSI, I now understand that practice makes perfect!”

“PSI hockey has made me a better teammate – my teammates are not just people I play against; they’re friends who support each other and help each other improve our game.”

“I had an amazing experience with PSI hockey! It was a really great experience for me, and I can’t thank enough my Family, Coaches and teammates for making it happen.”

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Ethan.

It is fabulous hearing what our students get up to outside of UKVS. It is also amazing to hear we have such international talent at our school. Well done for being a dedicated and disciplined to get into the PSI!

Ethan’s team has played some of their best hockey ever—and not just in terms of skill level. They’ve also worked incredibly hard to improve their fitness levels and endurance, which is no doubt part of what’s made them successful. We hope that this experience will continue to help him develop as a student and continue to grow as a person.

Each child is truly unique. As parents and as teachers, we must learn to appreciate each child as an individual. A crucial part of our job as parents or teachers is to teach children how to take ownership and responsibility through dedication and hardwork. 

At UK Virtual School, we can offer you the flexibility to work around your child’s passion. Why not get in touch to find out more!



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