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It feels so good to win something. Be it a prize for a contest, getting high scores on tests, or maybe snatching awards in a competition. That’s because winning reaffirms the hard work we put behind our success. Why do you think cheating doesn’t really feel satisfying in the end? There’s no journey in cheating or taking the shortcut. There’s no real story there. Everyone can get from Point A to Point B, but not everyone will have a narrative of how they got there. The real story of winning is found on the journey you’ve gone through to get to the end. This is why we’re over the moon when UK Virtual School bagged two awards in one night, Training Provider or Educational Establishment of the Year and Service Provider of the Year, at the Midlands Service Excellence Awards 2022. Because our journey is about you, our families. 

How so?

Well, let’s take a look at where we were about two years ago, from when we were just starting.

UK Virtual School soft-launched with barely even half of what our growing teaching and admin staff is now. But our founder Syd was so determined to make a difference. It’s her passion-driven commitment that allowed UK Virtual School to grow. Her inspiration comes from wanting to start a change in education. There are cracks in the current schooling system that needed dismantling. But that’s only half the idea of what UK Virtual School would come to be. When COVID first hit the grounds, many businesses and sectors had to close down because of lockdowns. This heavily impacted schools and education. Because Syd had closely worked with home-ed families, she first heard the immediate feedback directly from them: lockdowns revealed ultimately that there was a lack of high quality and affordable online learning options. Combining this idea with her vision, Syd brought UK Virtual School forward.

Femtinos UK Virtual School Founder

Syd is the genius behind UK Virtual School.

Initially, we started small. We had small groups. But at the same time, we had big ambitions for the future. We saw this as an opportunity to connect with families, and we did. It’s through this connection that we’re able to build familial relationships. The connections we were able to establish allowed UK Virtual School to foster and encourage a mutually supportive approach. The consistent feedback from our monthly parent meetings resulted in changes that helped in improving our systems in place, our structure, the time tables, and even new subjects. This is why feedback matters a lot to us.


Fast-forward to a new era of UK Virtual School. 

We started bringing more families in. Internally, we’ve expanded our teaching and admin staff. We added more classes. And a few months in, we were able to support more than a hundred families. When we saw the impact we could make in the world, we were unstoppable. The team behind UK Virtual School, led by Syd, brainstormed and started planning to gear up for another academic year in September 2021. The whole experience was just so transformative because it’s all centred around one thing: changes. We took bold steps, like launching an original storybook and designing our own academic journal. We welcomed changes in the time table and structure to make the flexibility accommodating to more families. This allowed us to fit more subjects in our schedule: Art, Languages, and Worldviews. We started a routine of monthly assemblies, parent meetings, and coaching tutorials – all the more proving that we are a globally-competitive online school.

UK Virtual School is a globally-competitive online school

UK Virtual School is a globally-competitive online school.


What does the future look like?

The acknowledgement we received from the Midlands Service Excellence Awards as Training Provider or Educational Establishment of the Year and Service Provider of the Year definitely gave us a lot of motivation to continue pushing boundaries. We’re in it to break the mould, make radical changes, and to revolutionise the future of education. The success we’ve already achieved for just over the course of more than a year is astounding. September 2022 is right around the corner and as we’re gearing up for another academic year, we want you, our families, to be by our side as we take a step forward into the future of UK Virtual School. And hey, whilst waiting for the next academic year, why don’t you come and join our residential trip to Scotland?

UK Virtual School Families Are Satisfied

Our collaborative relationship with families allows UK Virtual School to make changes based on actual parent feedback.

We’d like to put forth our appreciation for all the families who are with UK Virtual School, or have been with us, for making these achievements possible. You are with us on this journey. You are part of UK Virtual School’s story.

Thank you to our founder Syd, the visionary behind UK Virtual School, who has been tirelessly working to make sure that we’re all aligned with the company’s vision. Syd always makes sure that things are in the right place.

Thank you to the teaching and administrative staff, who have all poured their hearts to make sure that our everyday operations go smoothly.

Lastly, congratulations to Henrik Court, director and organiser of the Midlands Service Excellence Awards, for a successful evening. Thank you as well to the judging panel who deemed us worthy of the acknowledgement. It inspired us and it definitely boosted our team’s morale.

Rest assured that moving forward, UK Virtual School will continue to deliver high quality education across the globe. We have a lot of plans in place, and you can get updates directly from us by registering your interest for September 2022 through the link below. 



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