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The first month of the year went by so fast! It felt like New Year’s eve was just yesterday. We have ended January with yet another fruitful parents meeting. Do you need to review the notes? Or perhaps, you missed the meeting? Don’t worry. Read on and find out more about the updates.

Monthly overviews. As discussed, UKVS families may request a copy of our monthly overviews. This will give parents a quick list of the lessons, including the previous months. It may greatly help in finding topics for review. Additionally, families may also choose to purchase video access to the months they have missed. 

Lesson pacing and utilising communications. At the meeting, it was brought up that students may find some teachers going fast on lessons. If, in any case, this happens, please let your respective teachers know. At UKVS, we want to make sure that our students’ learning experiences meet a high standard. Remember that our goal is to make it a collaborative effort with the parents. 

UKVS Virtual Camp. We are proudly introducing our new service, the UKVS Virtual Camp. Virtual Camp is a daily programme that caters to busy working parents and their children. Leave them with us for a day and get your productivity game going! We’ll keep the children engaged as we go through their school work and provide them with fun activities. This service is open to non-UKVS families.

February Social Clubs. We have all new social clubs for February! This month, three different social clubs are taking flight. Are you interested in watercolour techniques and brush strokes? Arts, a club for all ages, will take you in. Get crafty in our Crafts club and make your own stationary and accessories! Ever dreamed of learning the language of programming? Join our Coding club, open to Year 7 and up. The wide array of activities will surely keep the students interested, as they learn new things through fun new ways.

Study Group Sessions. Now that we’re officially months away from the 2022 exams, we’ve thought about preparing our students. Study Group Sessions are open to Year 9 and Year 10 GCSE/iGCSE students. They will review lessons from September to current date, in intensive hourly sessions for each core subject.

For inquiries about our new services, you may contact our customer service team through the website, email, or Facebook page. That’s a wrap for January! We look forward to meeting more parents in the next parent meeting for February.


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