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A question I get asked by people who are not part of the home education world is “Why would anyone want online learning in normal conditions outside of COVID?”
I guess it’s a fair question. Especially as online learning is relatively new for many people. For most, the first time they’ve had to consider utilising zoom or video conferencing was after the first lockdown in March last year.
Business people would travel cities for meetings prior to this.
Parents would spend hours in traffic attempting to attend those hard to find after school clubs.
We lived in a very localised world.
The Internet was just for chatting, catching up, and Googling things.
People didn’t recognise its power.
Well, the general public didn’t.
For home educators, the Internet and online learning has always been a thing.
This brings us back to the question: why do people home educate?
There’s many reasons, but I’ve highlighted a few different types of families below who have been utilising online learning:
1. The Curriculum Outsourcers
Although home education does not have to follow any set curriculum, some families want to ensure their children have the ability to integrate back into the schooling system should circumstances change. They, therefore, want to ensure the core subjects are at least covered properly and they prefer outsourcing to tutors or educators rather than do it themselves.
They’re home educating for a variety of reasons: bullying, wanting flexibility or control over the content taught, more time with their kids, failure of SEN support from schools – whatever that reason, the parents want the best for their children.
Now, they could find a local tutor or group or they could look for the very best provision online which opens up their choices and they can ensure they get the absolute best.
After all, if you’re going for a private education route, you might as well go for the best there is, right?
2. The away from UK educators
Whether moving abroad for that dream job for dad, or jetting off to the next beach destination, the “away from UK educators” includes world schoolers, expat families, and those looking to eventually settle in the UK.
A British education holds status all over the globe and many international schools have been set up to cater for the global audience who want to open up options of education at British Universities for their children.
International schools are limited, often expensive and only in high density expat areas. They may not be the first choice but online opens up options and allows families to travel and take their education with them.
Consistency, quality, and flexibility, win-win-win!
3. The Talent Developers
Some parents spot talent in their children from a young age. The footballers, the modellers, the actors. How do you find time to develop a talent that requires a lot of dedication and energy, without compromising education?
Home education had been a popular approach for children who work as child actors but again, why limit the pool of tutors by looking local? Hiring educators that would stay on set with their child for extended periods of time can be costly and not the best use of finances.
Online education has been a solution for families who want to primarily focus on harnessing their child’s talent from a young age. What an amazing gift to give!


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