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Have you ever imagined what earth would have been like without the advancement of humanity? Without civilisation?

How hard would it be to live without non-human, material resources? Without the tools and machines that made living easier?

Can kids today even last long without an internet connection for an hour?

What would life be like without innovation?

Thousands of years of development paved the way for the 21st century. We are living comfortably today, thanks to the pioneers of many different industries. When people hear the word “innovation,” immediately they think about technology and invention. And that’s correct! But that’s not just what innovation is all about. Innovating is going above and beyond. Innovating is anticipating problems that don’t exist yet and creating a solution for them. To innovate is to kickstart new things – something unseen, something unheard of.

How can we cultivate innovation in our lives?

At UK Virtual School, Innovation is one of our core values. Without it, we never would have had the chance to virtually hold classes online. We are connected globally because of it. Innovation made it possible for us to have conversations, social clubs, parent meetings, monthly assemblies, and a whole lot more. So how can we cultivate innovation in our lives?


Observe and find an inspiration

Can you recall the golden rule of traffic? Stop, look, and listen. Look around you and observe! One trait of a good innovator is being a good observant. It enables you to see what else you can improve on, what else is missing, and what else is lacking. It allows us to get ahead of the game. In a room of 1000 people, there’s a high chance that some of your ideas will be the same as another person’s. And from there, you can start thinking about how you can make yours stand out. Inspirations can make or break your opportunities.


Adapt a routine

Adapting a routine puts our minds at ease. Not only does it help you focus on tasks, but it keeps your schedule and activities organised. Once you have a routine set in place for your family, the rest just follows. Focusing on one task at a time frees our minds, allowing us to have more productive and efficient results. Remember, an organised mind will keep those creative juices flowing!


Gather feedback and constructive criticism

You can’t innovate without anticipating problems. We innovate to lessen issues, make things easier, and to provide effective solutions. As such, what you create or do won’t always be perfect. 90% of the time it will turn out imperfect and will have flaws. This is not a bad thing! Gather your peers and ask them – what can I do to make this better? You’ll be surprised to hear what else you can improve. And that’s the very essence of innovation. Finding ways to improve, to discover, and to evolve.


Take big risks

Taking risks means jumping on every opportunity possible. And this is crucial, as taking advantage of these opportunities is what innovation is all about. Fear makes us miss some great opportunities we could’ve had. Have you ever experienced being called to volunteer but you passed? And then you realise, “Oh, that was easy. I could’ve done that.” Jump on these chances, whether they are big or small. 


Consult and collaborate

No man is an island. Make it a habit to collaborate with people! There are things that we can’t handle alone, no matter how stubborn we may be. Five different perspectives can make for a productive brainstorming! This is why at UK Virtual School, we work closely with parents and kids to see what works best for them. This collaborative relationship that we have with families allows us to innovate more: to improve our classes, find out what else is missing , and launch services that will greatly benefit them. Podcast for home educating families? We have it. Blogs and tips for parents? We have it. On-demand video bundles? We’ve got it covered. Each time, we bring something new to the table.

You don’t have to go through it alone.

When we solve problems, we naturally innovate. And it is through this process that we’re able to come up with innovative ideas. This is why Innovation as a core value matters so much for us at UK Virtual School. We want our students to be forward-thinkers, spontaneous, and innovative.

Innovation is the central theme of our February coaching tutorial. Access the video and the Innovation worksheet from our Coaching Tutorials page.

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