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Community Day 2022-2023

Despite being physically apart, we are virtually connected as one UKVS community. Every 4th Monday of each month, we touch base with our community. We are closely collaborating with families to alter the landscape of home education.

School Assemblies

Enrolled students are invited to monthly school assemblies. During the assembly, students will hear the latest updates from our team and likewise, the mic is open for them to share any relevant news – be it about classes, new-found hobbies, or feedback. School assemblies happen at 11:30 AM on the 4th Monday of each month.

Coaching Tutorial

When we envisioned UK Virtual school, we envisioned a holistic approach to education where well being was just important. At UK Virtual School, your child will have an assigned tutor who will meet them in small groups to discuss essential key life skills and values. The students will advance through modules of 10 key topics across the school year.

Parent Meetings

Your feedback matters to us. We have closely collaborated with parents to find out what works best for their children. We have already implemented changes and introduced new options based on these feedback meetings. Any relevant academic concerns may also be discussed. Monthly parent meetings run at 5:00 PM every 4th Monday of each month.

UKVS Journal

The UKVS Journal will help to keep your life organised! It contains sections for students to write down homework, has important dates and reminders, sections of resources and commonly used formulas, spellings and lots more! Don’t forget to get yours!

UKVS Academic Journal 2023-2024