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And school is out!
Yesterday marked our final day of UK Virtual School’s first academic year.
What a year it’s been! Monday marks the final kid’s meeting of the year. Its crept up on us whilst we’ve been busy with a thousand and one tasks (read below), and hence there’s no little video trailer for Monday’s event. Though there should be, because it’ll be a party to celebrate a year of UKVS and all that the children have achieved over the course of the year – which is lots!
This month in particular has been hectic. We’re a small team and attempting to run our day-to-day classes, preparing for September, and releasing new products like our video bundles and soon-to-be-released podcast and children’s book, is quite a hefty challenge. Everything feels like it takes far longer than initially anticipated because we want the quality and experience to be high.
There’s a lot to celebrate!
In our first year, we’ve supported nearly 200 families. Some used us briefly during lockdowns, others are permanently home educating and stayed with us throughout the year. We created a safe environment with routines and consistency for the children, to create a feeling of security when everything else around them became very unpredictable.
We’ve run over 3000 online classes – and along the way we’ve adapted from learnings and feedback from children and parents. We know a few things now about online teaching and one is that it can be effective, interactive and engaging whilst also giving lots of flexibility to families.
We’ve supported multiple staff, admin and teachers, through a rough patch and created jobs where they were safe to earn during lockdowns, giving them the ability to not choose between safety of their families over earning. Being online meant we were able to select THE best talent, no matter where we found it in the world.
We were recognised through award nominations and articles in newspapers.
UK Virtual School were finalists in 2020 for two categories: Start-up Business of the Year and Contribution to Diversity & Inclusion.
We featured in the Telegraph newspaper.
More recently we’ve been nominated and selected for the GBEA 2021 awards for the Small Business of the Year category with the awards ceremony later this year.
The founder of UKVS has been nominated as a finalist for the Female Innovator of the Year Awards.
There’s lots to celebrate and it’s only been the first year!
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the lovely people who have been part of our community: as parents, children, teachers, staff, and supporters. We appreciate you all. 
We’d love your feedback – please take the time to leave your reviews here.
Over the next few weeks, our focus will be enrolment for September. We’re a bit late in the game (we know) and we thank you all for your patience. There’s many many new exciting things happening from September including:
  • Introduction of new subjects including Art, Languages, and World Views
  • School assemblies
  • Coaching Tutorials for students
  • Lovely Learning Journal & Planner
We’ll be having open days (dates to be announced soon) and the opportunity for families to get all the information they need. In the meantime, fill in this registration form and you’ll get lots of info straight to your inbox.
Our school brochure and application forms are coming out very soon.
Very excited to see what Year 2 holds in store for us!
Will you be part of that journey?


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