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We launched UK Virtual School with every type of home educating families in mind. Since Day 1, we’ve made sure that every aspect of our school is aligned with our core values. After months of trials and errors, what started as a concept finally came to fruition. It wasn’t an easy start. Some families didn’t find that UKVS was the right place for them and some staff had come and gone. The first few months were fast-paced. In the end, things worked out! That’s not just because of our staff. It’s also because of the families that stayed with us. We’ve taken beginner steps together with the families. Each month, we call on parents to join meetings so they can share feedback. We learned. We adapted. We listened.

There are many things that make UK Virtual School stand out. We had been daring to be different from other online schools and one of our key drivers is our diverse and inclusive community. We are a diverse bunch! Just imagine, not only we have students from different backgrounds and places, our teachers and admin staff are also coming from many places across the globe!

Looking back now, it’s clear that we had come a long way. It had been an exciting start! We shared this journey with Asian Business Chamber of Commerce and to our delight, we made it as a finalist in the ABCC Awards 2020 in two categories: Start-up Business of the Year and Contribution to Diversity & Inclusion. It’s a huge feat to be recognized in the early stages of our school and you, our UKVS community, made it possible.

The ABCC Awards took place last 26th November 2020.

The UKVS Admin team had fun watching the stream live.

This is just the beginning of many milestones. We are looking forward to walking down this new path with you. Exciting times ahead!

Our official finalist badge!


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