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A Message from Syd

by | Dec 30, 2023 | UKVS Brand | 0 comments


As 2023 reaches an end, I think it’s the perfect time for us to pause and reflect on everything this year. Sometimes it’s easy to focus on all the negativity happening around us – right now in the world, not every child or family is spending these last few weeks in a home surrounded by their loved ones. The humanitarian crisis we see on our screens is the daily reality of some families. I think it makes it more important than ever to take a moment of gratitude.


What are you truly grateful for in 2023?
Being safe?
Being around family?
Having access to clean water and food?
Access to education and opportunities?
All these sound like basic rights, yet, despite it being 2023, they are not for so many children. I’m grateful for all of the above and a lot more. I’m grateful for our fantastic UKVS teachers, our admin staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes, our UKVS families and students and all those who support us through recommendations and spreading the word. We have a beautiful community of folks who align with our values and it was so lovely to meet a small fraction of them at our first residential trips this year! Refocusing our mind on gratitude enables us to focus on the positives – and there are many. We are alive, we are well, we are with loved ones. Sometimes our actions directly impact how our year has gone. What have YOU done this year that has made yourself grateful for the choices you took?

Future self

Every year, I spend some time goal-setting for the year ahead. One of the things I’ve realised that is powerful to do is to create actions that your future self will be thankful for. What small habits can you create that will eventually snowball into something significant in the future? For example, my current self is so thankful I took a chance with setting up UKVS. I look back to May 2020 when the idea of an online school sneaked into my head. I had two choices to make – let the idea slide like so many ideas, or take a punt. I did the latter and three and a half years later, I am grateful I did. I thank my older self for seeing the opportunity and running with it. Whenever I am stuck on a choice, I ask myself, would my future self be thankful if I took route A or route B? Admittedly, there are a lot of variables in our life we don’t have a choice over. But when we do, I do believe we should grasp opportunities with both hands and really value the freedom we have to make things a reality. So, when you sit down to reflect on what you want in 2024, what steps can you take today that your future self in December 2024 will be thankful for?

And finally

I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a peaceful end to 2023 and an exciting start to 2024 from all of us at the UK Virtual School. I hope you’ve had time to rejuvenate and be around family and friends.
As we start 2024, I am excited for all the things we have in store for you.I wish you all a fantastic 2024!



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